The confusion over events being ‘pushed back’ or ‘moved up’ and a few solutions

If a meeting is “pushed back” or “moved up” in time, what exactly does that mean?

I have had this conversation with several people recently who did not understand what I meant when I used these phrases.

Normally, I would just automatically assume that they were wrong and I was correct, but this time I thought I should take their opinions into consideration and study the issue further before deciding they are wrong.

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Top Five Things My Dog and Cat Think While Staring at Me

My dog Scooter and cat Glenn always seem to be watching me. I can’t fault them for thinking that I am fascinating, but I have often wondered what they were thinking.

Today, though, through innovative technology that gives us the ability to make things up, I have compiled the Top Five Things That My Dog and Cat Think While Staring at Me. Continue reading “Top Five Things My Dog and Cat Think While Staring at Me”

A few thoughts on the joy of turning off lights, getting older and Pokemon Go-ing

When I woke up early this morning and jumped out of bed, I felt like I was ready to take on the world with song in my heart and a skip in my step.

“Ouch,” my song began. “That’s a lot of pain in my feet. And why do my legs hurt? That’s not so neat.” (I still need to work on the harmonies, but I think I’m off to a terrible start.)

More and more as I get older, I notice how getting up in the morning often hurts, how bending over to pick something up requires intricate planning, and how I make those “ooophhh” and ‘Umphff” noises way too often when I sit down.

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Top Five Recurring Dreams

Like many of you, I enjoy sleeping.

I do not, however, enjoy these recurring dreams that continue to interrupt my much more fun dreams like dunking a basketball and owning a llama farm.

Both of those are real, by the way. One is awesome, the other, quite confusing.

Our experts know that many other people also have recurring dreams, so we thought it would be best to rank them in order to help you better organize your sleep schedule.

Here then, is the Top Five Recurring Dreams.

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Top Five Letters in the English Language

The English language is filled with some pretty interesting letters, as well as some that just don’t make the cut. Everyone has their own favorite, and countless relationships have been ruined over the debates between vowels and consonants (a word that I found surprisingly hard to spell just now).

In order to ease the debate and help bring some stability to this volatile issue (which is not just the most-used letter), our staff has compiled the Top Five Letters in the English Language. Continue reading “Top Five Letters in the English Language”

A day when everything went perfectly, and it was terrifying!

Do you ever have one of those days when everything is going so well that it is starting to scare you?

That happened to me a few weeks ago, and frankly it still makes me a little bit nervous.

It was Father’s Day and nearly everything went perfectly. It sounds terrifying, right? I got to be so uncomfortable after a few hours that I was pretty sure I would be hit by a bus if many other things went right.

Why oh why do so many good things have to happen to me ?!?

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