In this divisive political season, here’s an idea we can all support!

America, it’s time for a change.

Currently, many people in the country and throughout the world enjoy reading acclaimed columns in a wide range of blogs, newspapers, websites and magazines. These articles are often written by authors who are regarded “insightful,” “funny” or “good spellers.” Or “people who don’t write sentence fragments.”

All of these people are not Nick Claussen.

Nick Claussen doesn’t worry about being labeled as “grammatically incorrect” by the “Washington insiders” who “use a lot of quotation marks.” No, Nick Claussen only worries about one thing when he writes, Nick Claussen.

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Suicide Squad: What DC did wrong, what they should do next

It can’t be this difficult for DC to make a good movie.

Suicide Squad should have been a slam dunk, but instead it was more like a guy dribbling the ball around with nowhere to go and then kicking it out of bounds. Basically, it was somewhat entertaining, but also kind of stupid and annoying.

Here are a few problems I had with the movie, along with a few spoilers and suggestions:

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The disconnect over dis: It’s great to be gruntled, but bad to be cussed

If you’ve ever felt disgruntled, have you also felt gruntled?

It turns out that you probably have.

“Gruntle,” much to my gruntlement, is actually a word that means, “to put in a good humor,” according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary and “happy or contented,” according to

Looking around the internet thing, there are several websites that attempt to explain the long history of gruntled and disgruntled, but frankly I can’t follow along without getting distracted. But if I could follow along, would that mean I was tracted?Read More »