Whom would you take with you to Mars?

Scanning through the limited supply of non-political national news over the weekend, I found a few interesting articles about a new NASA-funded study that is part of a project to send people to Mars.

According to the articles (I will paste a few links below), NASA is paying a great deal of money for a study of six people living inside a pod for eight months. The articles brought up several really interesting items, as well as bunch of questions. Here are a few examples:Read More »

Seeing history and enjoying an epiphany, all for $6

“Hey Dad, Browns tickets are going for $6 or less,” my son Ben said to me a few weeks ago.

He loves the Cleveland Browns and I love saving money, so the cheap tickets were intriguing. Sure there were a few negative points about the game, but they were minimal, such as:

  • The game was going to be played on a cold winter’s day,
  • The Browns were 0-14 at the time and had been playing terribly,
  • The game was set for Christmas Eve,
  • I was supposed to be an usher at my church on Christmas Eve,
  • I would have to get up at 3 a.m. on Christmas Day to drive family members to the airport,
  • We would have to drive more than three hours each way just to sit in the cold and likely watch the Browns lose.

Obviously, that was not enough to keep us from $6 tickets and the opportunity to see the Browns make history with their losing season, so we decided to go.Read More »

Holiday vacation lifts spirits and houses, while also creating lasting memories with neighbors

During the holidays, my wife and I each had 10 straight days off of work with no children at home.

After some traveling to see family, we were left with six days of complete freedom and relaxation. It’s the first time we’ve had time together like this, so I thought it would be nice to record a little private diary of our quiet, romantic vacation.Read More »