Top Five Things I’ve Learned After Having This Blog For a Year

A little over a year ago told, I myself that I was going to dive into this blogging pool.

I didn’t know what I was doing, but I wanted to see if I could put some posts out into the world on a regular basis. I had tried before and fell out of the pool after a few months, so I wanted to see if I could keep it going and put out some posts I would be proud of.

One year later, I still don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m pretty happy to still be going strong. I did learn a few things, though, and wanted to share them here. So here are the Top 5 Things I’ve Learned After Having This Blog For a Year.

5. Proofreading is the least fun part of this, but it is an area I need to focus more on (see moron). I am constantly rewriting and editing posts, and after reading and rereading so many times, it’s hard to catch all of the typos. I know it’s hard to believe I might ever make a mistake or need anything edited, but I need to be much better about this.

4. Writing shorter posts would be good. I like to hear myself talk, but some posts have been a little too long. I want to be a little more concise in the next year, except, of course, for when I have really important things to say about topics like grocery stores, the word “mandate” and the Top Five Fingers.

Thinking photo3. I need to figure out a way to use more photos and graphics. That is a goal for going forward, and I especially want to work on it this summer.

2. I shouldn’t compare my blog to other blogs so often. I have learned that there are a ton of great blogs and super writers out there, and many of them have hundreds or thousands of followers. I can’t worry about being as good as them or trying to get as many followers. All I need to worry about is doing the best I can with writing, while also focusing on finally determining the Top Five Doughnuts. I need to do this more in my everyday life, too. So in the next year, I plan on focusing on just being the best person I can be and eating the best doughnuts that are available.

1. This is fun. I am writing about whatever I want to, and somehow there are people out there (sometimes in other countries!) who are reading what I write. It’s crazy and it’s awesome. I don’t need a ton of followers or likes because I usually like what I write. I have a fun time putting together posts, and it’s pretty cool when anyone else looks at the blog. I’m planning to do better with this in the second year, but overall it’s been a great, great year (except for the typos) and I’m very happy that I dove in. Thanks for reading!

15 thoughts on “Top Five Things I’ve Learned After Having This Blog For a Year

  1. Ha, ha. Three years later, I still don’t know what I’m doing! But like you, I’m having fun. When I stop having fun, I’ll stop blogging.

    Oh wait, maybe that’s why I’m on sabbatical for the time being. But I’m sure the fun will return soon. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying everyone else’s posts, including yours. You’re doing great with your blogging.

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, and you are one of great bloggers that I enjoy reading. Enjoy your sabbatical, you deserve the time off, but be sure to write more soon.


      1. Hey, Nick – while I’m on sabbatical, I’m having a hard time finding posts to entertain my readers, and I’m sure they’re getting tired of me re-blogging old posts. Would you by any chance be interested in guest posting for me? I’d love to introduce you to my readers.

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  2. I always like reading bloggers’ reflections after they’ve been in for a year. It’s impressive how much we learn about ourselves and the changes we look to make after we believe we’re writers. Congrats on the milestone!

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  3. I like the “This is fun” reflection. It’s important to step back and be grateful for how we can reach people by doing something we love to do!

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    1. Thanks! It’s quite a thing that we can write down these ideas in our heads, and then people out there somewhere are reading them and hopefully liking them. It makes it difficult for me to get through the doorway with my head so large sometimes, but it’s a lot of fun.

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      1. Hahhaha it’s sometimes hard to handle the mini ego boosts, but as long as we remember to do what we do for ourselves and not just the affirmation, we’ll be okay 🙂

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