An open letter to the makers of MTN DEW KICKSTART

Dear DEW People (DEWers?)

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the creation of your “KICKSTART” drinks. A remarkable advance in drinking technology, they truly take the energy drink/soda market to the next level. I don’t know how you DEWed it.

However, I must take issue with one recent development in the KICKSTART Universe (KU). Continue reading “An open letter to the makers of MTN DEW KICKSTART”

Top Five Things That Scare A Father When Entering A House

Most parents know that entering the home at the end of the day can be an adventure. Certain things you see or hear can scare you and stop you in your tracks faster than you can say, “Why is my favorite chair sitting outside?”

So, in honor of Father’s Day, here are the Top Five Things That Scare A Father Entering A House: Continue reading “Top Five Things That Scare A Father When Entering A House”

Summer vacation driving gives you a lot of time for thinking and snacking

Summer vacations are a great way to spend time with family and build special memories 🙂

The vacations, though, also include a lot of time driving or sitting in a car while your mind wanders and you try to pass the time. Here are a few things that run through your head on a family summer trip. Continue reading “Summer vacation driving gives you a lot of time for thinking and snacking”

It’s hard to trump a trip to Moonville

Long ago when I was a college student, I worked in one of the cafeterias with my friend Bill.

Bill and I were expert grill cleaners and floor moppers who were so intricate with our work that it would take us at least an hour and a half each day to clean one grill and then mop around it. We also spent time in the cafeteria honing our communication and networking skills while multitasking by looking for leftover food that we did not want to go to waste due to our commitment to sustainability. Continue reading “It’s hard to trump a trip to Moonville”

What Pointless Things Do You Lie About?

In life, it is incredibly important to be honest and to be true to yourself.

However, I often find myself lying about movies I haven’t seen, pretending to know how something works, or not letting anyone know my opinions on some pretty mundane topics.

Usually, this is for no good reason except to avoid looking foolish, even though it is certainly more foolish to lie for no good reason. So, in order to clear my conscience, here are the a few things I wouldn’t normally admit. Continue reading “What Pointless Things Do You Lie About?”