Top 5 Winter Annoyances (not counting the cold)

Winter has been tough for many of us already, and parts of the U.S. are now somehow being hit by a Bomb Cyclone, whatever that is.

I  actually like winter at times, but there are certain aspects of the cold weather that I loathe.

The worst aspects are certainly the dangers caused by the frigid temperatures, slippery snow and these terrible storms. In addition, though, there are several other items that cause numerous annoyances for our judges, so we have put together the Top 5 Winter Annoyances (not counting the cold).

First, a few honorable mentions:

Chunks of ice/snow/mud/rocks that hang off of your car – These chunks are ugly and can get in the way of the tires. They can be fun to kick, but if it is too cold outside they just hurt your feet when you kick them. Our judges hate that.

Dry skin – My hands won’t feel right again until May, and I get tired of them bleeding so easily whenever I bump into anything.

High gas bills – I don’t even want to look at the next gas bill. Uggg.

Sweater collars – I love sweaters and want to wear them in the cold weather, but I have no idea if the high collars are supposed to be up or folded down. It usually doesn’t matter, though, because I can’t get them to stay one way or another anyway. It just adds to my winter look, though, which brings us to No. 5.

5. My hair at work – It is too cold to not wear a hat, so when I leave for work in the morning with perfectly brushed hair that is still wet, I put on a hat and ruin my hair. When I arrive at work, even if I get my hair wet again, it looks terrible for the rest of the day. I realize it’s not the biggest problem people face with winter, but it causes me much distress. I often will go without a hat because I am so vain, but when it’s this cold I have to wear a hat. I would wear the hat all day at work if I could.

4. Defrosting my car – When it is as frigid as it has been, I find myself standing outside in the cold for way too long chipping away at the ice while my hair freezes into a terrible style. This morning, I had frost on the inside of my car windshield, too, so I also had to spend time defrosting the inside, which naturally led to me bumping my hand and causing it to bleed again. Uggg.

3. Weather terms like “bomb cyclone” – Where do they come up with these names? Each year we have a new giant storm that no one has ever heard of before and it gets a ton of attention, usually from TV reporters who love standing outside in storms. What’s next? Snownadoes? Cloudquakes? Lightning bolts that are made out of snow?

2. My nose running all day – Just to add to my look of messed up hair and confused sweater collars, I also have a runny nose most of the day at work now. It’s always at the worst when I come in from outside and have to greet someone. Do I have time to wipe my nose? What if this person wants to shake my hand? Can I use my sweater collar for this?

1. Tracking snow everywhere inside– It doesn’t matter how many times I stomp my feet, kick at the snow or drag my feet on rugs, the water and snow somehow sticks to my shoes so that it gets all over the inside of my house and office. And if I’m anywhere in public, I am often slipping on the snow that everyone else is tracking inside, too, while they also wipe their noses and then grab door handles or grocery carts. I would prefer to go back to bed until April.

24 thoughts on “Top 5 Winter Annoyances (not counting the cold)

    1. Thanks! And that’s a good idea, but it would require getting up early, which I hate to do, especially when it is cold outside. I will try that one of these days, though.


  1. Sweaters. Scarves. Gloves. Coats. Boots. Dressing in layers. And still feeling cold.
    Frozen hands, feet and tip of the nose.
    Rain, clouds, snow (whenever it happens). The short day and the long night.
    My stiff neck, every winter.

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      1. I’m experimenting with writing about things I don’t know and that keep me busy, rather than writing about things I think I sort of do know. Only drafts so far, but hopefully some of it will be publishable soonish.

        Looking forward to the winter pro’s!
        Especially since I’ve been cold all day 😊

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  2. Good post and comments, showing the depth and breadth of winter annoyances. Here is my humble offering: Getting the faucets to drip properly within a reasonable time frame (like less than an hour)and don’t forget to fill up a pitcher unless you want to do it again.
    Go Panthers.

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    1. Thanks Kenny, and your additions are perfect. I have been doing the same thing with the faucets here trying to keep them from freezing again, and we do have water jugs filled now. And Go Panthers, it should be a fun weekend for football.

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  3. I also would like to add the annoyance of losing a favorite article of winter gear. Where, oh where, little mitten, did you go? Will I ever see you again? No answer. Sigh…I might need a new pair to pin to my coat sleeves.

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