Traditional mail: Excitement in every package or are letters for babies?

My mail is usually pretty boring, but recently we received a pretty interesting delivery.

This letter was from the National Opinion Network – Infant Division, which led to several questions:

Do they have infants running a whole division at the National Opinion Network? How does that work? Is there a huge office full of babies working on these letters? What does their break room look like?Read More »

Throwing shade at the solar eclipse

On Aug. 21, the United States will see a solar eclipse and it apparently is a very big deal.

But is it really?

On this day, the moon will pass in front of the sun and completely obscure it. The entire country is supposed to get dark, and in a 70-miles-wide path across the continental U.S. from Oregon to South Carolina, it will be a total eclipse. This means that it will go from daylight to twilight quickly, the birds will start singing like it is night, the temperature will drop and that Bonnie Tyler song will be played over and over on the radio.Read More »

Fun night out features Copperheads baseball, fireworks and a new record I set

Even when I am not trying, I am setting records.

The other night, for example, I went to see a Southern Ohio Copperheads baseball game with my lovely wife and her equally lovely mother, and we had lovely (but not as lovely was my wife and mother-in-law), time at the ballpark.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the Copperheads, they are a summer baseball team based in Athens, Ohio. The team is made up of college all-stars from around the region, and they play in a wooden bat league against teams also filled with college all stars.Read More »

Just like Kyrie Irving, I am requesting a trade

While much of the sports world has been debating the merits NBA star Kyrie Irving’s surprising request for a trade, I have decided to also request a trade.

Irving is one of my favorite players, and I’m sure that he would agree that I am just doing what is best for my brand. I need to look out for my family and my legacy, and right now that means doing what is best for Nick Claussen.

I have few simple requests:Read More »

Field of Daydreams – Tales of Athens Rec Softball

While most people around Athens know the name Avalanche for its outstanding pizza, Avalanche is also known for its spunky softball team that is often out standing in the outfield on defense while the other teams get hit after hit.

Avalanche Pizza is the lucky sponsor of the plucky co-ed rec softball team that I play on in Athens this year, and the team is one of the most fun squads I have ever been a part of. We are extremely thankful to Avalanche for the sponsorship and guarantee that the prices of their always-tasty pizzas are much lower than my ERA (Earned Run Average).Read More »