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Nick Claussen has written columns for small newspapers in Ohio for more than 20 years. He writes about family, movies, sports, everyday life, every-other-day life and anything he can think of. Do you have any ideas?

His columns are currently published in The Farmland News and here at this fabulous blog. He also does some freelance writing for Eden Marketing and writes letters to family members and friends so he can continue talking about himself.

This blog contains some recent columns, along with some of his Top 5 Lists, Grammar Club essays and other thought-provoking/stupid content.

Nick pose

His writing has been described as:

  • Somewhat legible!”
  • Better than (a room full of monkeys trying to type) Shakespeare!!
  • Not Recommended if You Are Driving Heavy Machinery!”

To reach Nick, just send a note to nickc324@gmail.com or leave a comment here. Thanks for stopping by.


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