I love the cold and wintery weather (as long as I am inside)

I am tired of winter.

We have had plenty of snow already and honestly, I’m just over it by now. It was nice when we had the first snowfall, but I am ready for spring.

Since spring is still a ways away, though, I thought I should try to be a little more positive about the cold weather. With that in mind,  I put together a few reasons why I love the cold and wintery weather, and I thought I would share it with you here so that you can also love this bleak, frigid and miserable time of year.

It makes it feel good to be in the car – It’s no fun at first when the car is cold, but after you are driving for a while and the car warms up, it feels nice to be in the car. I usually want to keep driving so that I can stay warm.

I don’t like to feel my fingers and toes anyway – If they are numb part of the day, it’s just one less thing to have to think about.

It gives me an opportunity to wear sweaters – I love sweaters, especially for work. You don’t need to wear a tie, they are warm and they are comfortable.

I finally get to use my ice scraper – You pay good money for an ice scraper for your car, and you only get to use it a few months out of the year. At least you can get your money’s worth out of scraping ice.

It makes walking more interesting – Most of the year, walking can frankly be kind of boring. You take one step and then another. In the winter, you never know if you are going to step on ice, fall down or maybe even step in slush that will make your feet cold and wet. It’s much more interesting.

The snow looks beautiful – Actually, it just looks scenic for the first day or two. After that, it looks clumpy, has chunks of dirt in it and sometimes has dog messes in it.  Stupid snow.

No need to worry about bugs – For the most part, they aren’t around because they are smart enough to stay in the ground or wherever they are in the cold. Plus, you wear so much clothes outside that there’s nowhere for a bug to bit you anyway.

It makes me appreciate getting to work – If it’s cold outside, I’m happy when I get to anywhere warm. I’m happy when I get into the dentist’s office. I’m happy getting into the license bureau office. I’m happy going shopping.

It also makes me appreciate webinars and online meetings – I don’t have to go outside for this meeting and I can stay here where it’s warm? Sign me up!

You can use all of the salt you want – Often when you are eating, people warn you about using too much salt. When I am trying to melt ice, I can dump as much salt outside as I want. I shake it all over the sidewalk and steps.

I love sweatshirts, too – I would like to wear sweatshirts all year long if I could.  I’m glad I can wear them in the cold weather.

It is good weather for sleeping – I can use lots of blankets, I don’t get too hot and I never want to get out of bed. Also, since it gets dark early outside, it’s a good reason to go to bed early.

If we didn’t have cold, we might not have ice cream – I love ice cream, even in the winter.

I don’t feel like I need to jog- The only part of my body that is running is my nose.

It gives me something to write about – Of course, with my fingers numb, it’s hard to type much more. I think I will just go back to bed.

10 thoughts on “I love the cold and wintery weather (as long as I am inside)

  1. The greatest thing about winter is that it’s time for football. The Panthers were terrible and I blame Matt Ruhle. This year I’m pulling for the Rams. Matt Stafford had a Hell of a time with the Lions and I’ll be happy to see him take home a ring. He’s worked hard for it.

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    1. Thanks Kenny! I was rooting for the Panthers this year. I hope they are better next year. And I was so happy for Matt Stafford to play well and win a Super Bowl. He was great in Detroit and I’m glad the country got to see how good he can be. Thanks again!


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