I think the pandemic somehow caused all of my clothes to shrink

Why are my clothes shrinking?

I noticed it a few months ago and the situation seems to be growing stranger nearly every day.

It seems to me that the problem with my clothes started during the pandemic. At the beginning, they all seemed to fit fine. As I worked from home and stayed home more, though, something weird definitely happened with my shirts and especially my pants.

Over a few months, they began to get tighter and tighter, and now some don’t even fit well at all. I just can’t understand what has happened.

In order to try to better understand this, I sat down and ate a bowl of ice cream and put together a few reasons for what has happened to my clothes.

Is it the vaccine? Is there some sort of strange side effect that actually shrinks clothes? I had not read about that yet, but it would make sense. Of course, the clothes problem started before I even took the vaccine, so that must not be the complete reason.

Is it a problem with the clothing manufacturers? Maybe during the pandemic they were short on supplies and now the clothes they sold me are shrinking. This would explain a lot.

Could I be growing? I don’t feel taller, but it would explain why some of my clothes seem shorter. Also, it often seems more difficult to get up out of a chair these days. Maybe that’s because I’m growing, too. Don’t even get me started on standing up when I have been sleeping on the sofa. It takes like 5 minutes now! That must be because of my increased height.

Maybe it’s because of stress. It has been a stressful few years, so I could see me being harder on my clothes than usual so that they might shrink.

Maybe it’s been too hot outside. Clothes shrink in the dryer, maybe they shrink outside in the hot sun, too.

I’ve tried lots of things to help my clothes, but so far none of them have worked. Here are a few items I’ve tried.

Sitting around more –  It seems like that would be good for my clothes. During the first part of the pandemic, I recall sitting around quite a bit. And even as things have gone back to normal, I’ve found that I like sitting around, so I’ve kept it up. It should be helping my clothes.

Not exercising as much – Along the same lines, I discovered during the pandemic that it’s more fun to sit on the sofa than to exercise. It should be much easier on my shoes, socks, shirts and other clothing items, but it hasn’t worked out that way.

I’ve tried to be more polite – I am nice to people, help out when I can, and I never turn down food when people offer it to me. I don’t want to be rude.

I’ve tried to stay happy and relaxed – It’s been stressful, though, so I’ve often just eaten whatever I’ve wanted to avoid thinking about stress. I think that would be good for my peace of mind and my pairs of pants, but it hasn’t worked quite right. Just thinking about it now is making me want to eat a doughnut. That should help.

As you can see, I have no idea why my clothes aren’t fitting quite right anymore. I don’t know if anyone else has had this happen over the last few years, but if you have also experienced this, please know that I am with you. It’s a growing problem and it has truly been weighing on me. I suppose, that there’s only one solution to my problem, and that, of course, is to get up off of the softa, put on my running shoes, get out of the house and go buy some new clothes.

I just hope that these clothes don’t shrink like the others.

7 thoughts on “I think the pandemic somehow caused all of my clothes to shrink

  1. This strange phenomenon is occurring at our house as well. It’s completely baffling and I would stay to discuss it further but I have a double chocolate layer cake that needs frosting…..

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  2. If you can keep yourself modestly covered I’d advise you to not buy new clothes yet. They say there is another pandemic on the way. The pharmaceutical companies might be in cahoots with the clothing manufacturers. Can’t trust anybody. But now that you have on your running shoes why not go down to the convenience store and bring home some cokes and chips.

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