Top 5 Things I Hate About the New Chip Readers for Debit/Credit Cards

Over the last year or so, the credit and debit card companies have sent out replacement cards with the “amazing” new chips that were designed to work with the new card readers.

These chips were supposed to be somehow benefit us, but they just seem like a huge pain and I hate them.

Our judges have swiped at the nominations and inserted them into the proper order to provide for you here The Top 5 Things I Hate About the New Chip Readers for Credit/Debit Cards. Continue reading “Top 5 Things I Hate About the New Chip Readers for Debit/Credit Cards”

Tales of a good and bad summer weekend

It was a good news/bad news kind of weekend. Here are a few examples:

I finally got the hedges trimmed again so that they look nice. It was a lot of work, but I feel pretty good about it.

Along with trimming the hedges, I also trimmed the poison ivy hidden in the backyard. I feel pretty itchy about it

It finally stopped raining and it looks beautiful outside.

It’s too hot to actually go outside. It’s so hot that when I was taking a shower earlier today, I ran out of cold water. Continue reading “Tales of a good and bad summer weekend”

Job interview questions can result in some strange responses

As part of our continuing study of how people react differently to the exact same situation, we placed all of our test subjects in job interviews and asked them the following questions:

  • Can you give us an example of a time when you were faced with a challenging problem that you had to work with your colleagues to solve?
  • Why should we choose you over the other candidates for this position?

Here are their responses: Continue reading “Job interview questions can result in some strange responses”