Traditional mail: Excitement in every package or are letters for babies?

My mail is usually pretty boring, but recently we received a pretty interesting delivery.

This letter was from the National Opinion Network – Infant Division, which led to several questions:

Do they have infants running a whole division at the National Opinion Network? How does that work? Is there a huge office full of babies working on these letters? What does their break room look like?Read More »

Top Five Fair Food Debates

Now that it’s fair and festival season in Ohio and much of the known universe, many people will be enjoying fair foods.

When it comes to food booths, though, there are more great choices than you can shake a food-filled stick at, so there are some tough decisions to make. In order to assist you, our judges have put together the list of the Top Five Fair Food Debates, and we also provide a few answers.Read More »

Throwing shade at the solar eclipse

On Aug. 21, the United States will see a solar eclipse and it apparently is a very big deal.

But is it really?

On this day, the moon will pass in front of the sun and completely obscure it. The entire country is supposed to get dark, and in a 70-miles-wide path across the continental U.S. from Oregon to South Carolina, it will be a total eclipse. This means that it will go from daylight to twilight quickly, the birds will start singing like it is night, the temperature will drop and that Bonnie Tyler song will be played over and over on the radio.Read More »

Fun night out features Copperheads baseball, fireworks and a new record I set

Even when I am not trying, I am setting records.

The other night, for example, I went to see a Southern Ohio Copperheads baseball game with my lovely wife and her equally lovely mother, and we had lovely (but not as lovely was my wife and mother-in-law), time at the ballpark.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the Copperheads, they are a summer baseball team based in Athens, Ohio. The team is made up of college all-stars from around the region, and they play in a wooden bat league against teams also filled with college all stars.Read More »

A super blog to check out, and the formation of a new Just Us League

LEWcharter (1)The internet is full of great blogs and I wanted to take a moment to promote a blog that I have been enjoying reading recently.

The blog is Not That You Asked and it is full of information about topics that you did not ask about, but you most likely will wish you would have. The author, Andy, is funny and interesting, and has recently discussed topics such as observations from a Texas vacation and the life of a third-string high school quarterback. He also has a poignant article about the day his father died, and then undied.

Read More »