What is ^, why are I and l so similar, and other computer keyboard questions

Like many people, I am familiar with the computer keyboard.

And while I use it often and appreciate it, I also have several questions about the computer keyboard.

For example, why are capital I and lowercase l so similar? Usually after I type one or the other, I have to look at them closely to try to figure out which is which. And what about 1? Why can’t we make them all a little more different?

Here are a few additional items: Continue reading “What is ^, why are I and l so similar, and other computer keyboard questions”

A few lessons from the winter of 2019

The winter of 2019 has taught me several important lessons already, and it’s still only February.

While thinking too much about ice, snow and rain, I wrote down a few of the thoughts here:

It’s important to dress appropriately for winter – Here in Ohio that means a heavy coat, hat, gloves, umbrella and sunscreen. You never know if it will be -10, rainy or in the 70s. Continue reading “A few lessons from the winter of 2019”

Are zombies really all that bad?

Zombie movies, television shows and comic books have become extremely popular in recent years, and they seem pretty simple

The main characters are always trying to avoid becoming zombies and they usually end up fighting other humans, too. And while I understand why the main characters don’t want to be killed, eaten or turned into zombies, I think it’s also important to examine the other point of view here. Continue reading “Are zombies really all that bad?”

Which words do you consistently misspell?

No matter how many times I use a few certain words, I always seem to spell them incorrectly.

Spellcheck usually helps me, but it’s frustrating that I keep typing these words wrong. Our judges also have certain words that give them trouble, so they put together this list of the “Top 5 Words I Always Spell Incorrectly.”

I am hoping that by making this list, it will help me spell these words correctly in the future. I’m also curious about the words that you run into that give you problems. Continue reading “Which words do you consistently misspell?”

An important study on time-related words that have second meanings

While working earlier this week, I was struck by the thought about how many words related to time have double meanings. This shocking discovery cost me a few hours of productivity, but it also left me with this important study to share with you today.

Please don’t tell my bosses, but here are a few of the surprising examples about how words that we use to describe time nearly always have second meanings, or at least similar words that sound roughly the same: Continue reading “An important study on time-related words that have second meanings”

Winter storms pack grocery stores, make me question where I live, and cause me to eat too much

A snowy weekend provides a lot of time for pondering important questions, along with these thoughts:

I was not expecting the grocery store to be out of kidney beans on Saturday – I know that people rush out to the stores before we are supposed to get a big storm, and I don’t see any problem with it. It makes sense to go to the stores the day or two before the snow arrives, especially if you live outside of town and your roads will be slippery. When we went to the store on Saturday, though, I was surprised to see the shelves so low on kidney beans, and one of the cashiers told me they had also run out of pancake mix. I can understand the run on pancake mixes, but I had no idea that everyone else makes chili when we get snow. I suppose it’s a hot food and it also keeps your stomach churning and warm for hours afterwards, so maybe that’s a good thing.

Why do we always have level three snow emergencies on the weekends? – Why not on a Wednesday so we have to stay home unless we are essential personnel? Continue reading “Winter storms pack grocery stores, make me question where I live, and cause me to eat too much”