My Christmas list for this year includes Joy and Spider-Man

What do I want for Christmas this year?

I have been posed that question several times by family members, friends and even people I have met on the street already this holiday season.

At least that’s what I think the people on the street are thinking when they look at me. I usually thank them and tell them I don’t have time for pictures, and they seem to understand. Continue reading “My Christmas list for this year includes Joy and Spider-Man”

The Mystery of the Missing Peanut Butter

As I walked into the kitchen on a dark and dreary Tuesday evening, I was greeted by the sounds of mysterious creaking and moaning.

“Is that the floorboard or my knees?” I asked myself in my best tough guy detective voice. “We don’t have time for that right now, we’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

I don’t actually know how to fry fish or understand why you would want to fry the bigger fish before the smaller fish, so I forged on with my noble quest. Continue reading “The Mystery of the Missing Peanut Butter”

I. Don’t. Like. This. Trend.

It’s interesting to see how certain trends become popular in our culture today. At the same time, though, it’s also frustrating if I am not a big fan of some of the trends.

For example, I am constantly seeing people using periods in order to create emphasis in a sentence. I understand why they do it and I suppose it is working for them, but it’s still annoying.

Someone may write “This. Needs. To. Stop.” or something like that to try to cleverly emphasize what they are saying, but what I see is “Sen. Tence. Frag. Ment.” Continue reading “I. Don’t. Like. This. Trend.”

It’s time we had a talk about cauliflower

For many years, cauliflower was content to stay behind the scenes as a “Wind Beneath Your Wings” type of food item that was there to lift up the other parts of the meal.

No one really ever wanted to eat just cauliflower, but it was fine to add to a salad, stew, curry, pasta, pizza or really just about any dish. Recently, though, cauliflower has been receiving acclaim as a “Super Food,” and people seem to be using it more and more often.

But what do we really know about cauliflower anyway? Our crack team of investigators went behind the stem to find out, and what they discovered may surprise you. Continue reading “It’s time we had a talk about cauliflower”