You can take your take anywhere, but you can’t take it here

While many people take the word “take” for granted, it is a surprisingly complex and confusing word that requires you to take great care.

For example, did you know that take is both a verb and a noun?

Did you also know that people constantly are using the word incorrectly?

And finally, can you believe that most people don’t thank me when I correct them?

All in all, these discussions require a lot of give-and-take, so I will give you my take on take.Read More »

Is it normal to feel guilty about shoplifting when you’re not actually stealing anything?

My wife and stepdaughter went shopping the other day, and it ended up causing more work and stress for me.

I know what you’re thinking, “But Nick, you already do so much every day and, frankly, you are a hero. How could you do any extra work?”

While I like the way you think and hope you can with talk to my family members and coworkers, I feel I should explain.

After they returned home, my stepdaughter was quite excited about some of her clothes and had plans to wear a new shirt the next day. When she got the shirt out to try it on, though, she found that the store that was an hour away had left one of those terrible anti-theft devices on it.Read More »

Thanks for reading, writing and inspiring

When I started this blog, I often pondered questions like:

  • “What exactly am I trying to accomplish here?”
  • “Will anyone want to read this?”
  • “How do I spell exacerbate?”

Now that I am somehow more than 100 posts in and am lucky enough to have a few followers, I’m still not sure about most of my questions, but I’m having a lot of fun and wanted to thank everyone who has taken a few moments to read the blog.Read More »

Top 5 Things To Do When Bunch Of Teenage Girls Are Getting Ready At Your House For A Big Dance

Over the weekend, there was a big dance at the local high school, so my stepdaughter and a few of her friends got ready for the evening at our house.

On these occasions, parents have to deal with shoes covering the floors, high school students walking around everywhere, and far too much music, yelling, and music that sounds like yelling.

In order to make it through these events unharmed, our judges have put together the Top 5 Things To Do When A Bunch of Teenage Girls Are Getting Ready At Your House For A Big Dance.Read More »