Top 5 Words That Look Funny To Me Right Now

Every once in a while, a word looks funny to me because the spelling seems weird, it is used in different ways or if I just focus on it for a moment, it seems like a strange word.

Our judges say that this happens to nearly everyone, so they helped me put together this list of the Top 5 Words That Look Funny To Me Right Now. Continue reading “Top 5 Words That Look Funny To Me Right Now”

Highly successful people need to get more sleep

If the most successful people start their days at 4 a.m., then I question just how successful they actually are.

I keep reading articles about how rich people start their days super early in the morning, and it usually just makes me think that I’ve got a much better life than them.

For me, a successful day is one that includes a nap, time to read, or maybe the opportunity to lie in bed and watch television. It certainly doesn’t involve getting up at 4 a.m. to work on reports or spreadsheets. In fact, the only spreadsheets I want to see at 4 a.m. are bed spreads and fitted sheets (not top sheets). Continue reading “Highly successful people need to get more sleep”

A few New Year’s Resolutions for my blog

While I am a few days behind, I wanted to share a few New Year’s Resolutions for my blog.

I’m doing this partially to see if I can stick to this list and partially to see if anyone else has any other suggestions. Also, posting this is a good way to keep up with a resolution to produce more posts.

So, please see what you think and feel free to offer any comments, criticisms or candies. I always like candy. Continue reading “A few New Year’s Resolutions for my blog”

Tales of a few awkward conversations about lunch, grocery store doors and D-Gulls

One great thing about the holidays is all of the wonderful conversations you are able to have with family, friends and new acquaintances.

One not-so-great thing about the holidays, though, is all of the awkward interactions you have every year. Here are just a few of mine from the last week. Continue reading “Tales of a few awkward conversations about lunch, grocery store doors and D-Gulls”

Top 5 problems with Christmas carols

While way too much attention has been paid to one holiday song this year, I believe we are ignoring several much more significant problems with Christmas carols.

These songs are fun to sing and listen to, but several significant issues need to be addressed. In order to shift the discussion over to the more important matters, here are the Top 5 Problems with Christmas carols. Continue reading “Top 5 problems with Christmas carols”