A city in Georgia is building a giant chicken, but I don’t know if the idea will ever get off the ground

A city in Georgia is building a giant chicken in order to attract tourists.

Yes, you read the correctly.

I had to read the news story twice the other day when I first saw it.

According to this Associated Press article, the city of Fitzgerald, Georgia is building chicken that stands 62 feet tall. The giant chicken will also have plants growing out of its frame, so that it can be some sort of living chicken sculpture.

The city leaders believe that by spending so much money in this giant chicken plant, they will bring attention to their city, increase tourism and help the city with its economic development.

While it sounds like an amazing idea, I do have a few thoughts and questions about it:

  • I love that they are thinking outside of the box with this idea. Although, in this case, maybe you should say they are thinking outside of the bock, bock BOCKS!
  • What happens if another city builds a chicken that stands 63 feet tall?
  • The city of Vegreville, Alberta, Canada is said to be the home of the world’s largest Easter egg. This egg is apparently 31 feet tall and 18 feet wide. Some news article say that the Ukraine has an even larger Easter egg, but who knew so many cities were homes to giant eggs?
  • I’d like to visit the giant chicken and the giant egg at some point in my life, but that of course brings up the eternal question, which will be first for me? The giant chicken or the giant egg?
  • Alberta, Canada is also the home to the world’s largest sausage, located in Mundare, Alberta. This statue stands 42 feet tall.
  • Some may say a sausage sculpture is a boar and others may argue that it’s the wurst, but frankly, I say, hot dog, it is the perfect link between fine food and fine art.
  • What if someone questions the funding for the giant chicken? Would they cry fowl? Or would the criticism just be written off as hen pecking?
  • Fitzgerald, Georgia apparently has a lot of wild chickens that live in the area. Some people put out feed for the wild chickens, but they also cause traffic problems at times. This is all true by the way. The city even has a Wild Chicken Festival each March. It sounds fun, and I would hope the festival would include vendors who sell hen-a tattoos and that they would hold some fun tractor pullets.
  • What if having a giant chicken made out of live plants actually scares tourists away from the city? I think I would be afraid of visiting a city with a giant chicken. I guess you could say I would be chicken.
  • What are the chances the that giant chicken comes to life and terrorizes the city? If this were a movie, you can be sure that would happen, especially since it is made out of live plants. You could call it Jurassic Peck.
  • If the giant chicken is built so that it can move, you could say it is poultry in motion.
  • When they were deciding on a place to build the chicken, why did they choose to put it on that side of the road?
  • The giant chicken will also include a room that can be rented out to visitors, I believe like a hotel room. I’m not sure if it would be in the east wing or the west wing, but I’m sure the room will be expensive during their busy season, which I hope they would call their beak season.
  • I don’t think I would want to sleep in a giant chicken. Plus, the wake-up call would be very, very early.
  • Instead of spending money on a giant chicken to help their city, why not spend the money on other items in their city? It seems like a cockamamie idea.

6 thoughts on “A city in Georgia is building a giant chicken, but I don’t know if the idea will ever get off the ground

    1. Thanks! And it was fun to write. You do wonder how they came up with that idea and how it was presented. I hope it works for them. Have a good day today!


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