Christmas presents can result in some very different reactions

I am often amazed at how people can react so differently to the same situation.

In order to study this phenomenon further, we put together focus groups and presented the exact same situations to different people in order to see how they would react.

Today’s study (which is part one if this goes over well), involves presenting a Christmas gift to these different individuals and then studying their reactions. We are listing each individual and quoting their reactions: Continue reading “Christmas presents can result in some very different reactions”

A Tale of Two Athenses (and several more)

I took a trip to Athens recently, but this time Athens was pronounced with a long A.

I left in the morning from Athens (pronounced Ath-ens), Ohio and ended up in Athens (Ae-thens), Illinois. When I arrived, I was not sure if I should use the bathroom or the batheroom.

I have a brother who lives in Athens, Illinois, so the visit was a good opportunity to see him (and his wife) while we compared our Athenses. Continue reading “A Tale of Two Athenses (and several more)”

Remember to be thankful for truly important items, like strawberry jelly

Every year, people all across the U.S. take time to reflect on the things they are thankful for in their lives, usually focusing on subjects such as family, health and their friends.

While those are all fine choices, our lives are filled with other items that are too often ignored in the Holiday Season, even though they also bring great joy and satisfaction.

So this year I am going to be thankful for these items on Thanksgiving, and I hope that you also are able to ponder these truly significant items that make us happy and grateful every day. Continue reading “Remember to be thankful for truly important items, like strawberry jelly”

A week away from blogging

Ok, so I was was too busy at work last week and never had the opportunity to put together a good post.

“Now Nick, when do you ever put together a good post?” you may be saying to yourself.

I would agree, but would add that I didn’t even have time to write a post that I liked very much. I ended up working late every day and then traveling on the weekend, so here I am getting some posts ready tonight.

By not posting for a week, though, I realized a few things about blogging that I thought I would share here. Continue reading “A week away from blogging”

A Veterans Day story: WWII Vet Don Slagle

Don and Donna 1Veterans Day is an important day to thank our nation’s heroes for their service, and each veteran has a significant story to tell.

One of those stories belongs to Athens, Ohio resident Don Slagle, a rather quiet and friendly man who has led an amazing life.

To see Don riding his bicycle around town or working in his yard with his wife, Donna, you’d never know that he is 92, fought in World War II and still has shrapnel lodged in his neck and shoulder. Continue reading “A Veterans Day story: WWII Vet Don Slagle”

A drive-thru adventure: Hold the pickles and my stupidity

So the other day, I was driving home after long day of work, and I was feeling pretty good about myself.

As I pulled into a busy drive-thru restaurant to get some quick food and frozen treats, I thought about how I would likely be treated as a hero when I arrived home. The restaurant had a long line, but I didn’t mind that I would have to wait. Continue reading “A drive-thru adventure: Hold the pickles and my stupidity”