Miss Understanding, Sir Charge and other unfortunate pageant titles

It is always impressive when someone is honored with a title such as Miss America, Mr. Universe or Sir Something-Or-Other.

But those titles always make me think of other contests that would be an honor to win, but might also be confusing. Here are a few examples:

Miss Demeanor – The pageant winner who is pleasant and whose crimes aren’t too serious.

Sir Round – He’s everywhere!

Miss Print – Is this correct? Is this a Miss Print?

Sir Lee– The winner of the most unfriendly contest.

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Swab, swagger and other swanky “swa” words

While getting a COVID-19 test recently, I started thinking about what a weird word “swab” is.

Say it out loud a few times.

Swab. Swab. Swab.

It doesn’t even seem like an actual word.


It is, though, and when you take a stab at examining swab, you’ll see that there are more “swa” words than you thought possible

So, here is some information for you on swab and several other “swa” words.

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My utmost thoughts on nethermost, outermost and other -most words

Nethermost is among the topmost of words that I want to use more often.

Upmost is at the bottommost of that list.

While thinking about the utmost importance of –most words today, I realized that I had no idea there were so many of them. I knew there were a lot, but never in the hindermost parts of my brain had I imagined there were so many.

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It’s time we had a talk about &

ampersandI don’t care for the ampersand.

I’m sorry to disappoint all of the amper-fans out there, but it’s time that someone took a stand, an amper-stand.

The fancy symbol for a rather ordinary word does have a few good points, but it is also confusing & is often used incorrectly

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Which words do you consistently misspell?

No matter how many times I use a few certain words, I always seem to spell them incorrectly.

Spellcheck usually helps me, but it’s frustrating that I keep typing these words wrong. Our judges also have certain words that give them trouble, so they put together this list of the “Top 5 Words I Always Spell Incorrectly.”

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An important study on time-related words that have second meanings

While working earlier this week, I was struck by the thought about how many words related to time have double meanings. This shocking discovery cost me a few hours of productivity, but it also left me with this important study to share with you today.

Please don’t tell my bosses, but here are a few of the surprising examples about how words that we use to describe time nearly always have second meanings, or at least similar words that sound roughly the same: Continue reading “An important study on time-related words that have second meanings”

Top 5 Words That Look Funny To Me Right Now

Every once in a while, a word looks funny to me because the spelling seems weird, it is used in different ways or if I just focus on it for a moment, it seems like a strange word.

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I. Don’t. Like. This. Trend.

It’s interesting to see how certain trends become popular in our culture today. At the same time, though, it’s also frustrating if I am not a big fan of some of the trends.

For example, I am constantly seeing people using periods in order to create emphasis in a sentence. I understand why they do it and I suppose it is working for them, but it’s still annoying.

Someone may write “This. Needs. To. Stop.” or something like that to try to cleverly emphasize what they are saying, but what I see is “Sen. Tence. Frag. Ment.” Continue reading “I. Don’t. Like. This. Trend.”

What’s the deal with rhetorical questions? Read on for the answer (and additional pointless thoughts)

Life is filled with many great questions, such as “Why are we here?”, “Where is the restroom?” and “Can I really put three question marks in one sentence?”

I may not have the answers to all of those questions, but I do have some important information to share with you today.

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