Exclamation points are the best!

I love exclamation points!

For much of my life, I didn’t see much of a reason for these points of exclamation and I only used them sparingly.

Lately, though, I use them all of the time!

According to the dictionary, exclamation points should be used after an interjection or exclamation in order to show a forceful utterance or a strong feeling. They can also be used to indicate major significance, interest or contrast.

As a mild-mannered individual, though, I rarely utter anything forcefully. In addition, I have not exclaimed much in my life, although I did once have an ex claim one of my end tables.

And since I don’t generally make statements of major significance and I don’t like to show strong feelings, I honestly have not had much use for exclamation points.

My strongest feeling usually is fatigue, and it rarely requires a point of an exclamatory nature.

As you can see, a sentence like “I am sleepy!” doesn’t work very well.

Also, as someone who wrote newspaper articles for years, I can tell you we rarely included exclamation points in news copy.

Sentences like “City leaders discussed proposed code regulations for signs at Monday’s meeting!” never seemed to fit well in the paper. In my mind, I may have thought, “City leaders talked about zoning for more than two hours!” because I was frustrated about having to pay attention and take notes for so long, but I could never get that line past my editor.

For the columns I write today, though, exclamation points seem perfect! I can’t get enough of them now!

Somehow, moving away from newspapers every day has freed me to explore this pivotal point of punctuation, and now I am exuberantly exclaiming exceedingly often.

exclamation-point-507768_960_720Lately, and I promise you this is true, I find myself emailing friends and colleagues and saying things like “Happy Tuesday!” or “Thanks for the paper clip!”

I am not sure what has gotten into me, but for some reason I feel compelled to show excitement and forceful feelings constantly.

In my columns, I even find it important to use exclamation points about topics such as how one roll of toilet paper is now equal to six or the importance of my bad moods.

I can’t believe how much I have changed!

The exclamation points are even appearing in my thoughts now!. For example, I have evolved from thinking “My hair looks nice today” into “My hair looks nice today!” It’s like I have a whole new outlook on life!

If I am thirsty, I don’t just want a drink of water. I want a drink of water! And if I have had a stressful day, I don’t just need cheering up. I need cheering up!

Even if I am doubting myself or my writing, I don’t think my writing stinks, I know that my writing stinks!

Ok, so that last example wasn’t the best, but when I think my writing stinks, now I can say to myself, “At least I’m trying! I won’t give up!”

And honestly, it’s actually pretty motivating.

Green_exclamation_mark.svgNow some people might say “Nick, using exclamation points all of the time takes away their significance.” I do understand what they are saying, and it does sound somewhat reasonable. At the same time, though, I just assume that I have more important and significant thoughts than most people, so I need the exclamation points often in my writing.

If they would say “Nick, using the exclamation points all of the time takes away their significance!” that would be much more persuasive, but they won’t do that because they are afraid of using them.

I am not afraid of exclamation points! I am going to keep using them and I am going to like it! I don’t care if they look silly or overused! I want to convey happiness, excitement and other feelings in my writing (just not in real life), and I am having fun with this new style!

For me, simple periods are too boring for my important thoughts and expressions. I have plenty of thoughts I need to exclaim, and I want the world to listen to me! I am going to use exclamation points again and again!

And besides, if periods aren’t good enough for my thoughts, what else would I use to end a sentence of my significant thoughts?


Do you love or hate exclamation points? Feel free to comment below. Thanks!

24 thoughts on “Exclamation points are the best!

  1. I too found myself using exclamation points more often, especially since WP. It’s nothing to worry about. You should start questioning your good taste in language, and even your sanity, if you start using more than one!!!!!

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      1. That is a good point, what good is the second one?? Even there, I would have been bette with just one question mark. I like what you said about living your life with the caps lock on, too. Thanks!


      1. I found it’s the easiest way to let people know I’m replying with a smile. As for the multiple exclamation points, they are just hideous. I see people use them more and more, and I want to scream!!!!!

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  2. Use them often and enthusiastically! I say they are like your good china – don’t save it for a special occasion! Life is worth celebrating (or exclaiming about!)! After all, I’ve never heard of an exclamation point shortage! Why are we to conserve something that is limitless? They is no such thing as the risk of exclamation extinction!

    I have had too much coffee!

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    1. Also, proofread! THERE is no such thing as the risk of exclamation extinction! I saw my mistake as I hit “post comment.” As in much of life, there is no CANCEL button!

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    2. I like that and will remember that! Why are we conserving them? I say, give them a chance to be free! Thanks, and you may have had too much coffee, I agree.


  3. As with all other good things in life, (use of the F word for example) they have their place and purpose. Nothing says you’re really thankful for the paper clip more than an exclamation point. If you had only used a period? I would have doubted your sincerity.

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  4. I like how you manage sway between irony and painful truth.

    I use exclamation marks mainly to thank or praise people. Indeed in those cases a punctuation feels like it doesn’t express my thankfulness well enough.
    Maybe that’s just be my insecurity and a bit of imposter syndrome..?

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    1. Thanks! I’ve started using them so much more lately, too. I don’t know if it is insecurity or not. I agree about wanting to show thankfulness. Plus, I think it’s fun sometimes. Thanks again!

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