What you learn in school, even preschool, will take you far in life

With another school year now underway, it’s a great time to reflect once again on just how important education is.

I know school can be tough whether you are in college, high school or younger, but the skills you learn at any educational level are going to help you in countless ways.

For example, over the summer my brother Marty came across one of my educational diplomas and he and I were both was amazed at just how much I learned at that prestigious academic institution.Read More »

Triple word compound words may be confusing, nonetheless, they should be used more nowadays

What’s better than an ordinary compound word?

Well, I can easily think of hundreds of items, but for this column the answer is compound words that are made up of three words.

Heretofore you may not have thought much about these words, nevertheless I will explain my love for them inasmuch as possible so that whosoever reads this will also love these words forevermore.

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