You can take your take anywhere, but you can’t take it here

While many people take the word “take” for granted, it is a surprisingly complex and confusing word that requires you to take great care.

For example, did you know that take is both a verb and a noun?

Did you also know that people constantly are using the word incorrectly?

And finally, can you believe that most people don’t thank me when I correct them?

All in all, these discussions require a lot of give-and-take, so I will give you my take on take.Read More »

Triple word compound words may be confusing, nonetheless, they should be used more nowadays

What’s better than an ordinary compound word?

Well, I can easily think of hundreds of items, but for this column the answer is compound words that are made up of three words.

Heretofore you may not have thought much about these words, nevertheless I will explain my love for them inasmuch as possible so that whosoever reads this will also love these words forevermore.

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A cursory Christmas tale of a reviled parsimonious old man who recanted

While not helping any of the children with their homework this week, I realized that I was pretty lost on most of the words in their vocabulary list.

And while I was definitely not helping them, I looked up several of the definitions and found that many of them seemed to fit with a familiar story. So, in order to help improve my vocabulary and hopefully get an A on some English homework, I present to you this classic Christmas story filled with the words in bold from two recent high school vocabulary lists.

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