Top 5 Words That Look Funny To Me Right Now

Every once in a while, a word looks funny to me because the spelling seems weird, it is used in different ways or if I just focus on it for a moment, it seems like a strange word.

Our judges say that this happens to nearly everyone, so they helped me put together this list of the Top 5 Words That Look Funny To Me Right Now.

First, a few honorable mentions:

Especially – For a word that should add some emphasis, especially just sounds kind of silly to me, especially if I say it while trying to sound especially important. And if you examine the word, it seems like it should have some sort of electronic special meaning, as if it were e-specially. Also, did you know that especial is a word? I wasn’t sure about that until today. It means being distinctive or of special importance, but I rarely hear this especial word.

Turtle – It just sounds funny. Turtle.

Pet – It has too many meanings for one funny sounding short word. You can pet a pet, but my pet peeve is when someone pets a pet turtle in a petulant manner.

Peeve – You rarely hear this word without pet in front of it. People are often peeved and are occasionally even peevish, but have you ever wanted to peeve someone? Also, if you say you are peeved, it just doesn’t give as much emphasis as other words for being upset. I am really peeved!! See, it just doesn’t work well. Finally, peeve just looks funny. Peeve.

Carpet – Another pet-related word, but it just sounds strange. Hey, let’s put car and pet together and somehow that will be a word for a rug on the floor. If you are feeling especially peeved, you may want to stand on the carpet and carp at someone.

5. Resolution – This word comes up a lot in January and December, but you only hear it during the rest of the year if you attend meetings. If you look at the word, its re and solution, which would seem to indicate it’s a second solution, not a declaration of doing something. It is related to resolve, which again seems like you should solve something twice. I often was asked to re-solve my math homework in school because I had not shown my work, so I made a resolution to show my solutions.

4. Mirage – I don’t have a good explanation here. I just think it looks funny.

3. Nick – Hopefully you think Nick is funny, but let me expand on this instead of just sounding full of myself. My name is also a noun and a verb, which makes it a different and also very useful word. Nick nicked his face with his razor, carved a nick into the table with a nickel, and then got to work in the nick of time.

2. Entrance – I rarely use the word entrance, but it seems magical. Isn’t it amazing to feel entranced by someone’s entrance? It’s a useful word if you enter a room or if you are in a trance, but in a happy way. If you say it in the wrong manner, though, it just sounds wrong. I find nickels entrancing. See, that just doesn’t sound right. It’s much more appropriate to say that I find Nick entrancing.

1. Delight – It seems like this word should mean to make something dark, but it means to feel happy or even entranced with happiness. It sounds funny to me. Just look at it! Delight. Doesn’t it look odd to you now, too? But doesn’t it also make you happy? Delight! I feel delightful just looking at it! When I thought I saw my pet turtle nick the carpet, I was peeved, but I when I realized it was an especially strange and entrancing mirage, my rage subsided and I felt delighted.


Do you have any words that look funny to you recently? If so, feel free to add them below. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Words That Look Funny To Me Right Now

  1. The Nick sentence is magical 😀

    I had this same thing, that a word seemed so odd I changed the sentence it was in, so I could avoid it, but of course I don’t remember what the word was.. I’ll report back when I do remember.

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  2. Your last sentence reminded me of the vocabulary tests where you had to use each word in a sentence and you got bonus points if you used more than one! You are a star. I find some words look different in certain fonts. I am constantly trying to check my spelling when in fact I was correct it just looked wrong. How about the word defunct? Is there a way to funct or is it only defunct because no one wants to be funct.

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    1. Thanks! I like that a lot. It seems like funct would be operational or maybe functional. So maybe it would me more logical if it was defunctional. Thanks, I like thinking about words like these, and that’s a good one.

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