Top 5 Items Lost To Progress

As time marches by and progress brings new technologies and innovations, we sometimes lose a few items that we end up missing.

And while I am not suggesting technology and innovations should regress, it would be nice if things just gressed for a while sometimes so we could keep a few of these favorite items.

With that in mind, our judges have put together the Top 5 Items Lost To Progress. Continue reading “Top 5 Items Lost To Progress”

Top 5 reasons Apple should buy my blog

Apple became the first publicly traded company in the U.S. to be valued at $1 trillion or more last week, which means it’s time to get your next goal done, Apple and finally purchase my blog.

I have been hesitant to sell the blog, but after I read delicious news last week that Apple’s stock rose past $207.04 per share, which pushed the stock value to more than $1 trillion, I feel that now may be the right time. Continue reading “Top 5 reasons Apple should buy my blog”

Top 5 Things I Hate About the New Chip Readers for Debit/Credit Cards

Over the last year or so, the credit and debit card companies have sent out replacement cards with the “amazing” new chips that were designed to work with the new card readers.

These chips were supposed to be somehow benefit us, but they just seem like a huge pain and I hate them.

Our judges have swiped at the nominations and inserted them into the proper order to provide for you here The Top 5 Things I Hate About the New Chip Readers for Credit/Debit Cards. Continue reading “Top 5 Things I Hate About the New Chip Readers for Debit/Credit Cards”

Top Five Toes

Most people are familiar with toes, but too often these amazing feet fingers are only thought of as a group and are not recognized for their individual talents.

Much like famous bands such as The Beatles, The Eagles, and Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, though, each group of toes is filled with individual appendages that would still stick out even if they were all alone. Continue reading “Top Five Toes”