Top 5 Things To Do When Bunch Of Teenage Girls Are Getting Ready At Your House For A Big Dance

Over the weekend, there was a big dance at the local high school, so my stepdaughter and a few of her friends got ready for the evening at our house.

On these occasions, parents have to deal with shoes covering the floors, high school students walking around everywhere, and far too much music, yelling, and music that sounds like yelling.

In order to make it through these events unharmed, our judges have put together the Top 5 Things To Do When A Bunch of Teenage Girls Are Getting Ready At Your House For A Big Dance.Read More »

Top 5 Overrated Foods

Our society places great value on food, but some foods are terribly overrated due to a variety of reasons. And while taste is a subjective subject, it does subject itself to some judging now and again.

In order to try to bring clarity to our menus, our judges have compiled the Top Five Overrated Foods:Read More »

Top Five Fair Food Debates

Now that it’s fair and festival season in Ohio and much of the known universe, many people will be enjoying fair foods.

When it comes to food booths, though, there are more great choices than you can shake a food-filled stick at, so there are some tough decisions to make. In order to assist you, our judges have put together the list of the Top Five Fair Food Debates, and we also provide a few answers.Read More »

Top Five Underused Compliments

As someone who enjoys accolades and commendations, I thought it would be best to rank the Top 5 Underused Compliments.

This list is like peanuts in a bar, it’s complementary (I know it’s spelled differently but I can’t read this out loud to all of you, just to my family members who are constantly subjected to these terrible jokes.)Read More »