Top 5 Items Similar to Football Players Wearing Short Sleeve Shirts in Very Cold Weather

I hate it when football players wear short sleeve shirts in extremely cold weather.

I understand that they are trying to look tough and show that the weather does not bother them, but it would make more sense to wear a long sleeve shirt and look tough and show that they are smart.


Also, if they do this in cold weather, why don’t those same players wear long sleeve shirts in hot weather and try to prove that the hot weather doesn’t bother them? It makes no sense if you think about it.

I have often wondered how this mentality would translate to other aspects of life, so with that in mind our judges put together this list of Top 5 Items Similar to Football Players Wearing Short Sleeve Shirts in Very Cold Weather.

5. Not wearing sunglasses at the beach – Your eyes don’t need any protection! The sun can’t hurt you! You’re there to relax, throw a Frisbee/beach ball and maybe even get in the water. Let the weak people at the beach wear sunglasses!

4. Astronauts not wearing a full spacesuit – The moon can’t hurt you! You’re tough! You need to send a message to any ETs out here that the atmosphere (or lack thereof) doesn’t bother you! Other astronauts may worry about “oxygen” and “temperature” other weak excuses, but you are focused on your work!

3. Younger Nick Claussen not wearing fashionable clothes to work/school/social events – I was not worried about fashion! I didn’t understand fashion anyway! I would wear whatever I wanted and feel intimidated no matter what! I wouldn’t let things like “fitting in” or “looking great” stop me from my focus on constantly over-thinking everything! Should I talk to people? Where should I sit? Should I even be here? When can I leave? I would wear huge glasses and awkward clothes whenever I wanted! Editor’s note: Now, of course, I am a fashion icon.Nick 2

2. Dads cooking on grills while not wearing an apron, especially one that is supposed to be funny – You need to let everyone know that you are not worried about anything spilling on your clothes! You expect perfection and will not spill! The apron is too constricting when you are cooking anyway, and you have other places to hold your cooking utensils. Also, you can’t allow humor to get in the way of your cooking! These are hamburgers! Take this seriously!

1. Going to a big business meeting in just a t-shirt and sweat pants – It is a way to send a message to the other people in the meeting that you’re not worried about them! You don’t let stress or fashion or anything interfere with your toughness! You are confident and focused on your presentation, spreadsheets and talking points. The office environment doesn’t bother you! If you think about it, though, try to remember to put on an old sweatshirt over that t-shirt, those offices can be pretty chilly sometimes.

Do you have any items to add to the list? Feel free to comment below. Thanks!

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