Top 5 Items I Should Be Able To Do As An Adult But Can’t

I am able to fulfill most of the requirements of being an adult, but I still find myself failing at several basic responsibilities.

I am able to wake up with an alarm, go to my job, work around the house and handle most adult chores such as ridding the house of spiders, but I often end up struggling with a few basic items.

With that in mind, I worked with our judges to create this list of the Top 5 Items I Should Be Able To Do As An Adult But Can’t.

First a few honorable mentions:

20180725_182112.jpgCutting a pizza into equal sized pieces – I try to cut the pizza correctly, but it never works out and always ends up like this photo. How do others do it? Do they use a protractor or compass? Is it all about angles? Should I have paid more attention in geometry class back in high school?

Sitting up straight – I can do this for a little while, but I always want to lean my chair back or slump down in a chair. It seems like responsible adults should sit up straight and have nice posture, but I just can’t do it.

Wrapping a present – How do other adults make them look so nice? I always end up taping extra pieces of the paper onto the present in order to cover the bare spots.

Knowing the state capitols – I know several, but it seems like adults should know more of them. And to be completely honest, my geography knowledge is pretty limited. I’m not sure I could tell you exactly where Arkansas is.

Talking about the stock market – It seems like I should go to dinner parties where I drink scotch or wine and discuss the stock market with my friends from “the club.” I don’t do any of those things. I often discuss the super market on my blog while I drink pop, but that doesn’t seem to be the same thing.

5. Folding paper correctly – I don’t know how other adults fold things in a straight line. In a related matter, I also can’t carry papers without folding them or rolling them up.

4. Putting lists in alphabetical order quickly – Does U come before or after V? I need to go through the whole alphabet in my mind every time in order to remember. What about K and J?

3. Cooking food without burning it – Other adults cook amazing meals and have their own special dishes. I have no special dishes.

4. Counting backwards correctly – Actually this one is a tie between counting backwards correctly and not constantly making bad jokes. I should add that I also still laugh out loud at my own bad jokes, which doesn’t seem like a very adult thing to do.

1. Tying my tie so that it doesn’t flip sideways halfway through the day – I actually like wearing ties, and I do know how to tie them so they look nice for a few hours. After that, though, they constantly flip sideways or lean to one side. How do other adults get their ties to say in line? Why wasn’t this taught in school? Does this relate to geometry, too? Is it a folding problem? Is it due to bad posture? Why won’t ties stay in place?

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Items I Should Be Able To Do As An Adult But Can’t

  1. When I was small, I thought I might be able to watch TV way past 10pm when I was an adult. It turns out that I can’t because I always fall asleep by then so I’m no good at that.

    Mrs Bryntin however is a good adult because she knows how to shout loudly and suddenly to wake up any TV watchers sleeping on the sofa at 10pm.

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    1. That’s a great point! I can’t stay up late much anymore either. It seemed like adults were always doing that, too. Good for Mrs. Bryntin, too. She probably just wants to hear about your new ideas for blog posts,

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  2. I’m pretty good at most of this stuff. My top five includes stuff like plumbing and working on a ladder. One thing we do have in common, though, is wrapping presents. It starts out with waaaaaaay too much paper, which then gets trimmed down to, you guessed it. Hooray for gift bags.

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    1. It is easy to get way too much paper on one side of the present! That seems to happen a lot. I don’t know how anyone wraps presents neatly. And I agree about gift bags, a wonderful invention.


  3. I can’t open detergent bottles. They have these safety caps which are supposed to make them safe for children. Well, they are safe for this adult too. My partner has explained many times I have to push them down and turn them at the same time. Impossible task.

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    1. I agree. I hate those detergent bottles, and I can’t open the ones with the pods in them at all. We bought a refill pick with some fancy ziplock thing, and I just couldn’t work that at all. Thanks!

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