How are 6 paper towels like 9? Things that annoy me in grocery stores

While I love grocery stores and talk about them way too much, there are also several things about them that annoy me. Here are a few of these items:

What do we call them? – Is it a supermarket, market, grocery store or some other name? Supercenter? Hypermarket? I looked up a few definitions and found that I rarely shop at a grocery store, since those businesses officially only sell food items, while supermarkets sell food and other items. A hypermarket, by the way, combines supermarkets and department stores into one fabulous store that makes you feel hyper because there are too many people around, you can’t find anything (including the family members you came in with) and you don’t remember where you parked.

Paper towels that advertise you are buying “Like 8” rolls when you are only purchasing 6 thick rolls – It’s not “like 8” rolls. It’s 6 rolls! Recently, and I swear this is true, I bought a package of 6 paper towel rolls that are usually ”like 8,” but it had a large “BONUS ROLL” label on it because somehow it was “like 9”, when it was still only 6 rolls. I hate this new math. If I am going to pay for “Like 8” or “Like 9” paper towel rolls, I think I should be able to pay “Like full price.”

Running into friends or bosses when you have nothing but junk food in your cart – This happens to me far too often. I usually say something like “The kids like all of this,” or “I have to pick this up for a party” but they never believe me. What party could I possibly be going to where I am taking two boxes of Swiss Rolls, a bag of already popped popcorn and a two-liter of RC? Along the same lines, is it impolite to stare into someone’s cart at the store? If someone is looking in my cart, I would like to say to that person, “Hey buddy, my eyes are up here.”

When they move everything around – I once didn’t buy bread for two weeks because the bread aisle moved to a completely different part of the store and I honestly could not find it after looking for quite a while. I understand that the store resets are probably for marketing reasons, but everyone hates them.

Running into friends or colleagues when you look terrible – You always see bosses or people you want to impress in the store when you are dressed in old clothes, you have not showered and/or you are sick.

Grocery carts – Why are they so terrible? Why have we not yet improved wheel technology on grocery carts so they can drive in a straight line or not squeak so much? The cart designs have changed greatly over the years, but the wheels are still terrible.

Tiny grocery carts – I see why they are useful, but I just can’t bring myself to drive them. I feel like people would make fun of me.

Running into friends countless times at the store – Sometimes you run into friends when you are dressed fine and you have nice little conversations with them. That is always fun and great. The problem comes when you continue to see them in every other aisle throughout the store. What do you do each time? Do you continue to say hello? Do you wave or give a head nod each time? Do you not say anything? Can you comment on their purchases? How can I avoid staring into their carts? Sometimes, I honestly get so concerned about how to handle this that I just skip ahead a few aisles and come back later so that I can avoid the issue.

Lack of trashcans – Why do they hide them in stores? If the sampler-hander-out-person gives me a sample item in a cup or with a napkin and I continue shopping while enjoying my free sample, I never have anywhere to throw the trash. Why do they make the trashcans so hard to find? This is why trash often ends up in the bottom of grocery carts.

Toilet paper packages that lie jut like the paper towel packages – The last time I was in the store, they had one package that screamed it was “Like 48 rolls” when it was really 6 rolls. Seriously! How are 6 like 48? I just don’t believe that packaging at all. Also, if I am buying 48 rolls of toilet paper at the store, I definitely don’t want everyone to know it. “Hey everyone, look at all of the toilet paper I am buying!” Why can’t I just pick up, squeeze and then purchase 4 or 8 rolls like people did for generations?

Produce bags – Why do they make them so sticky? Is it just to taunt us? And why are some of them so narrow? Why are some of the bags different colors, too?

Fun size candy – It’s not “fun,” it’s small! Maybe they should advertise it as “Like 1/5th of a candy bar!” You know what would be fun? Free samples of candy and plenty of trashcans around to throw away the wrappers so they don’t end up in the bottom of the grocery cart wheels!

Any items about grocery stores that annoy you? Feel free to comment below. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “How are 6 paper towels like 9? Things that annoy me in grocery stores

  1. The grocery store itself doesn’t annoy me. What does annoy me is that person who has to stand right in front of whatever display case I need to get to and refuses to move. Really, how long can it take to decide on one small container of ice cream?

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  2. Great observations, and I agree with all of them. My new pet peeve…we have a lot of self-checkouts, that always run out of cash !! I use cash often, and for a few items, I don’t want to be forced to use a card.

    Funny post. Thanks to Laura for sharing.

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