Congress needs to act to eliminate scented trash bags!

While government leaders discuss impeachment, interest rates and energy policy, I still keep accidentally purchasing “scented” trash bags at the grocery store!

Something definitely needs to be done about this, and I hope that Congress, the United Nations or the Avengers can do something soon about this ill-smelling injustice. This fragrant fraud must be stopped before it stinks again!

Why were scented trash bags invented and distributed? Is this another example of a foreign country trying to disrupt our way of life? Elections are one thing, but when they mess with my trash can, that’s where I draw the line! Continue reading “Congress needs to act to eliminate scented trash bags!”

What pointless lies do you tell? And do they also involve acting?

Isn’t it funny how often we lie for silly and pointless reasons?

I find that I do this a lot, often throwing in my extensive acting skills in order to make the lies seem more plausible. Sometimes I lie because I am trying to be polite and other times I really don’t know why the lies come out, they just do.

Here are some of the top times that I lie for really stupid reasons. I am betting that some of you do can relate to these situations. Continue reading “What pointless lies do you tell? And do they also involve acting?”

Unexpected consequences of Thanos’ plan to wipe out half of the universe

What would really happen if the Thanos character in the Avengers movie succeeded in his plan to wipe out half of the universe?

If you haven’t seen the movie after all of these months, then I’m betting you won’t care that I am about to talk about spoilers here. If you do care about spoilers, you should stop here and read several of my other posts about important topics such as toasters, toes or every kiss beginning with the letter k.

Continue reading “Unexpected consequences of Thanos’ plan to wipe out half of the universe”

How are 6 paper towels like 9? Things that annoy me in grocery stores

While I love grocery stores and talk about them way too much, there are also several things about them that annoy me. Here are a few of these items:

What do we call them? – Is it a supermarket, market, grocery store or some other name? Supercenter? Hypermarket? I looked up a few definitions and found that I rarely shop at a grocery store, since those businesses officially only sell food items, while supermarkets sell food and other items. A hypermarket, by the way, combines supermarkets and department stores into one fabulous store that makes you feel hyper because there are too many people around, you can’t find anything (including the family members you came in with) and you don’t remember where you parked.

Paper towels that advertise you are buying “Like 8” rolls when you are only purchasing 6 thick rolls – It’s not “like 8” rolls. It’s 6 rolls! Recently, and I swear this is true, I bought a package of 6 paper towel rolls that are usually ”like 8,” but it had a large “BONUS ROLL” label on it because somehow it was “like 9”, when it was still only 6 rolls. I hate this new math. If I am going to pay for “Like 8” or “Like 9” paper towel rolls, I think I should be able to pay “Like full price.” Continue reading “How are 6 paper towels like 9? Things that annoy me in grocery stores”