It’s the simple things in life that make you happy

While many people search far and wide for the keys to happiness, it’s often the small ordinary items right in front of you that can bring you the most satisfaction.

Here are a few examples of some relatively ordinary item can make my whole day:

A really good grocery cart – When I was shopping the other day, I had the smoothest grocery cart I have ever used. It didn’t want to turn to one side, it didn’t make any annoying noises and it was an effortless push around the store. After a few aisles, I noticed how much I loved the cart and it changed my entire mood. I cruised up and down a few extra lanes just because I was enjoying the drive so much. I wanted to tell other people about it and thought about recommending it to another shopper when I finished.

When the light switches are aligned – If there are two light switches on a wall panel and I turn the lights off at night, I sleep much better if both of the switches are up or both are down. It’s just too frustrating to have one up and one down. I have been known to turn on and off other lights in the house, even if I am in someone else’s home, just to correctly line up the switches. It just feels right to see them lined up correctly.

Having a new magazine or book at home I am excited about reading – It is exciting to know it is there for me to read later and it makes me happy. I imagine you feel the same way about new columns on this blog.

Peeling chunks of old grass clippings off of the bottom of a lawnmower – I  have always enjoyed cleaning off the big chunks of old grass from the lawnmower. I think it is a sign that I worked hard earlier, plus peeling items can be fun. Just think how satisfying it was to peel dried glue off of your hands when you were younger. I’m thinking of buying some glue just so I can put it on my hands and then peel it off.

When the plastic cling wrap works well – On those rare occasions when the cling wrap sticks to all sides of the bowl and makes a wrinkle free cover to whatever dish I am covering, I feel a brief sense of euphoria. Ahh, cling wrap.

Shaking a rug – The best part is when the rug cracks when you whip it outside. I will stand there and just try to crack it as many times as I can, and I usually don’t care if it is clean yet or not.

Clean eyeglasses – You don’t realize how dirty the glasses were until you clean them. And when you do clean them, the world looks so much different. It’s not dark and dreary, it’s bright, clear and joyful!

A great parking space – I feel like a great explorer whenever I discover a perfect parking space. It is incredibly satisfying, and it’s much easier to do when my glasses are clean.

Freshly vacuumed carpet – When you can still see the lines from the vacuum in the carpet and it is completely clean, that’s a good feeling.

Thinking about someone you haven’t seen in a while, and then randomly running into that person– I’m always surprised how often this happens, but it is always fun for me, and I assume for the other person as well when I regale him or her with tales of my favorite parking spaces and then show off photos of my clean carpet. And then for some reason, I don’t see that person for a while again.

When the phone payment system remembers your bank information – It is so much easier if the payment system remembers your information and makes it simple to pay the bill. I hate the systems that make it so complicated for me to give them money. I’m trying to give you money! Why is this so hard? The systems that make it simple always make me happy. I just don’t think about how easy it might be for anyone else to access my bank account and other information.

When you hear a song you haven’t heard in a while – It’s even better when you still feel like you can sing the song halfway decently.

When you learn what the lyrics really are to the song you haven’t heard in a while – That’s what they have been saying? I was way off with what I was singing over the last 20 years.

Mail that isn’t a bill or an advertisement – And when that positive mail is a check you weren’t expecting, that can make you happy enough to break out into song, and even use the correct lyrics this time.

When you get a good idea for a column – On some days, those ideas come along at the strangest times, such as when you are driving around a really great grocery cart.


Do you have any items to add to the list? Feel free to comment below. Thanks!

19 thoughts on “It’s the simple things in life that make you happy

  1. Hey Nick. Thanks a lot for this post. Today is a very sad day for me and a list of simple things that make me feel good is right on time. Especially the one about the song lyrics, which makes me think of “Blinded by the light”. Really man, thanks a lot. Go Panthers.

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    1. Thanks Kenny. I’m sorry you are having a sad day my friend. I’m glad the column was helpful today, too. Also, my friends and I used to have huge discussions in college over trying to figure out the lyrics to “Blinded by the Light.” I’m glad you reminded me of that. I hope your day is going better. Go Lions.


  2. Oh I love jobs that are almost effortless, sometimes mindless and somehow yield instant gratification. Like mowing the lawn especially if you can make the lines straight or polishing silverware and seeing your reflection in the finished silver.

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    1. Those are great additions! Mowing the lawn with the straight lines is satisfying, and I enjoy just sitting back and looking at that grass after I have finished. I don’t know if I have ever actually polished silverware, so I will have to try that one now, too. Thanks!


  3. I definitely appreciate your thoughts on keeping it simple. There’s a book of incorrect lyrics around here somewhere, and the one song that comes to mind is “Dirty White Boy” — they thought it was “Thirty Watt Bulb”. Very positive post!

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  4. These are awesome and your post put me in a good mood. I thought I was the only one that enjoyed these things. Especially the one about cleaning the old grass off of the lawnmower. I for sure thought I was the only person in the world that enjoyed that one!

    I got a great cart at Target on Sunday and it made my day.

    Thanks for this post!

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    1. Thanks Biff! I wondered if anyone else liked that about the lawn mower too. I am glad that you enjoy that too! That’s funny about the cart at Target, too. It really can make a big difference. Thanks again

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      1. I do indeed! I enjoy lots of “odd” smells. Fresh cut lumber. Brand new dollar bills (or printer’s ink in general). Mimeographed sheets (remember those)? Etc. etc.

        And yes, a pristine shopping cart can send your life off in a whole new, great direction.

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  5. I know, how crazy is that when you’re thinking of someone and they either call you or you run into them at the grocery store (with the only trolley in the joint that doesn’t have an independence issue). Great post 🙂 Linda

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  6. Great post! This is so very true. It usually those small things that make you feel a lot better than the big things you have been looking forward to for weeks.
    Humans are funny that way.
    I was able to give my mum a really big red apple from my own apple tree, one of the first really good ones it produced. It was a good day 😉

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