Fresh cut grass, new butter and other ordinary items that are actually fun and exciting

The first time I smell fresh cut grass each spring, it always puts me in a good mood.

It’s a nice reminder that spring is really here, and it’s even better if I wasn’t the one cutting the grass.

After smelling cut grass for the first time this year, it got me thinking about how several ordinary items can make me happy, so I am listing a few of them here to see if any of you agree.

Here are several rather ordinary things that always make me happy:

Using a new bar of soap for the first time – It may not seem important, but it’s always a big change. You go from that old bar of soap that had gotten super small and slippery, and now you have a brand new, easy-to-hold bar of smelly soap that gets you much cleaner. That’s a good way to start the day.

The first time you use a container of something like spreadable butter, peanut butter or cream cheese – There’s nothing like pulling back the lid and having a brand new, untouched food item there. No one has ever put a knife into it before. It’s a little like you are an explorer, but you get to eat good food. Also, you don’t have to worry about running out of butter or having to scrape it off of the side. You’ve got enough butter to last a few weeks! Life is good!

Your phone having a lot of charge late in the day – When it’s late in the afternoon and you still have more than 50 percent charge, that’s a huge morale boost. I can pointlessly scroll through social media! Hooray!

Telling people about how excited I am about my new bar of soap – They always seem happy to hear about it. “What type of soap?” they might ask. Oh, the fun we have.

Peeling things – If you have the opportunity to peel old paint, tape or even something like an orange that pulls away cleanly, it’s a good feeling. That’s why they say that a peeling is appealing.

Pulling a big weed out of the ground – If you pull all of the roots out, you feel pretty good. A few years ago, I pulled a tree out of the ground and I was happy about that for a week. I told one friend about that on the same day I also told him that it was new bar of soap day, and it almost blew his mind.

People giving me a million dollars – I imagine it would give me a good feeling at least. Let’s find out!

People giving me doughnuts – This one is a little more realistic, but nearly just as rewarding. I love doughnuts, and they can’t be taxed!

Whittling – I haven’t whittled in a while, and you don’t hear about it as much anymore, but it’s quite fun.

Your stats are spiking on wordpress – That’s only happened a few times, but it was quite exciting. I was in a good mood all day from that.

People commenting on posts – Some people have 50-100 or more comments on their posts and I don’t know how they keep up or contain themselves. After I post something, I am constantly watching to see if people are reading the posts or commenting on them. It makes my whole day much more exciting.

The Muppets – They are the best! They always make me happy.

Real mail – Every once in a while, we receive some real mail from friends or relatives and it’s a nice change. I am failing miserably at my new year’s resolution to send more real mail, but I plan to do more of this in the next few months. It will be fun to peel a stamp off of the stamp sheet and then put it on the envelope, too.

Watching a spring rainstorm – I love watching the rain, and it’s nice to smell the rain in the air before the storm begins in the spring. Sitting on a porch on a rainy day while I eat free doughnuts and whittle away at a new bar of soap, that’s a good day.


Do you have any items you’d like to add to the list? Feel free to comment below. Thanks!

Also, if you’d like to read more about items like this, I wrote a somewhat related column last year about a few items like this and you can find it here.

I don’t have anything else important to say, but it adding a third line here made me happy.

15 thoughts on “Fresh cut grass, new butter and other ordinary items that are actually fun and exciting

    1. I have heard that is satisfying! Thanks for suggesting that. I remember seeing my mom do that long ago. I will have to try that, and that’s funny about checking your teeth, too. Thanks!


  1. Going to bed on newly laundered sheets that have been dried on the line in a summer breeze. There is truly nothing like this. The feel and the smell bring sleep like none other, to me anyway!

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  2. The smell of freshly baked bread. It usually tastes great even if it didn’t comeout looking like the picture. I also agree with the wordpress stat spikes, although I have not really experienced it much it is fun.

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    1. I love the smell of freshly baked bread! That is a great addition. It doesn’t matter if the bread looks right, it’s the taste and smell anyway. Fresh baked bread is so good. I’m getting hungry now. Thanks!

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      1. I am here to serve! I used to work in the area of a wonder bread factory, the bread was crap but it sure did smell good. I am sure they worked with area restaurants to pipe that smell outside at lunch, we instantly became hungry!

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  3. A fresh pot of coffee. The anticipation of getting to drink the first cup is so exciting, I sneak my cup in for the first few ounces that are brewed. The first sip is so very satisfying. Delicious.

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    1. That is a great suggestion, but I don’t actually like coffee, so it doesn’t work well for me. I know many other people who love that fresh pot of coffee smell, though, so I like the suggestion a lot. Thanks!


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