It’s time we changed the names of a few cities

Did you ever think about how the names of several cities are kind of stupid?

The names are something we don’t think much about, we just kind of accept them. If you focus on them for a few moments, though, many of them don’t make much sense.

Here are a few urgent questions about this pressing topic, along with a few points of interest about the monikers of several cities.

New York City is a dumb name – It’s not new at all. Most cities with “New” in them are not actually new. It’s had the name since 1664. Also, it doesn’t seem much like York at all! While certainly much older than New York, York is very different and is apparently a historic walled city that has a population of less than 200,000.

Cities with “Fort” in the name are deceptive – They aren’t really forts anymore. I grew up near Fort Wayne, Indiana, and while I did actually see the historic Fort Wayne, the actual city wasn’t much like a fort at all. It was easily penetrable and poorly guarded.

If the city is supposed to be the new York, why does the state have the same name? – They both can’t be the new York. Couldn’t the founders have come up with a little more creative name? Also, since York is in North Yorkshire in England, shouldn’t New York State be in New North Yorkshire State or at least New Yorkshire?

Can you live in a townhome if you live in the country? – Only if you want to live a lie.

Atlantic City is also a stupid name – Did they think we would mix it up with the ocean? Who would make that mistake? Why not just name it Atlantic? Also, what do other cities located on the Atlantic Ocean think of the name for that city?

The most popular city/village name in the U.S. is “Washington”- According to, there are 88 cities or villages with the name of Washington. This one at least makes sense, as the people in these places wanted to honor George Washington, who did find a way to get his name onto a lot of buildings after all. The biggest problem is people like me who often pronounce these cities as “Warsh-ing-ton.”

Fort Washington is apparently a city in Maryland – I admire that city for keeping the fort in the name in order to stand out.

Ohio and Indiana both have towns/villages named New Washington – Neither seem to have much in common with old Washington. You’d think at least one would have a New Washington Monument. I should point out that my family lived near the Ohio version years ago, and my mom still subscribes to the New Washington Herald newspaper to keep up on all of the Crawford County, Ohio news.

I would feel silly driving a Lincoln Town Car in the country – Hey look, here comes Mr. Fancy with his presidential city car is driving up the road.

Springfield is the next most popular city name, then Franklin, Greenville and Bristol – Springfield, of course, is named after rock star and heartthrob Rick Springfield.

I only found out recently that the name Nova Scotia in Canada means New Scotland – This is still problematic, but at last “Nova” sounds better than “New.” So is a Chevy Nova a new Chevy?

If I we one day populate the moon or other planets and we start cities there, what will we name them? – New Earth? New Fort Washington? Moontana? One of the many great jokes in the television show “Futurama” is the city of New New York, and I imagine the possibilities for city names on the moon are endless. Armstrongville? Oxygenburg? Air Supply? (That last one is actually my favorite!)

What do you say if you want to buy a shirt representing a team from the state of New Jersey? – I’d like to buy a new New Jersey jersey? Or I’d like to purchase a New Jersey new jersey?


Do you have any city names you would like to change? Or do you have suggested names for new cities on the moon or on anywhere else in space? Feel free to comment below. Thanks!




12 thoughts on “It’s time we changed the names of a few cities

  1. Well, heck, I live in Buffalo – and there haven’t been buffalo (or bisons) here in many, many generations (except for the ones in the zoo). We did have a rodent problem awhile back – but I don’t think the city fathers would appreciate the name Rats, NY.

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  2. I love Moontana! That is my absolute favorite. Massachusetts has quite a few names that are Native American so does Rhode Island and overall it is sort of a test to see if people grew up here to see if they can pronounce them correctly. We get bored easily I guess.

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    1. Thanks! I have some family out east and I have trouble pronouncing some of the names out there, too. That’s funny about getting bored easily, but I think it sounds like a good test.


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