It’s time we had a talk about breakfast cereals

Breakfast cereals are strange.

To me, the whole idea is kind of odd, and the cold cereal flavors just keep getting more and more bizarre.

First of all, most people don’t want to admit it, but breakfast cereal is gross.  The cereal pieces become too soggy and mushy, the milk gets all weird and the whole thing is just terrible. If I am in the same room as someone who is eating cold cereal in milk, I have to find a reason to excuse myself so that I can leave.

Do other people have this problem? Or is that just me?

Are there other foods that you can’t stand to watch people eat? Spaghetti can be troublesome for me, but I am mainly just embarrassed about how I eat it and I don’t think about others.


In addition to cereal with milk being gross, I also find it hard to understand many of the newer cereals that I have seen in the store recently.

Here are a few absurd but true examples of cereals I have seen at two grocery stores in the last week.

Twinkies Cereal – I love Twinkies and I don’t see how they can be improved by being made mushy.

Why would you ruin Twinkies by turning them into this cereal?

20200209_182324Cinnamon Toasters – First of all, a “toaster” is something that makes toast, so I don’t like the name of this product. I don’t want to eat a toaster, and I especially don’t want to get it wet! I am sure they mean the cereal is like cinnamon toast, which I love. If I love cinnamon toast, though, why would I choose to buy a cereal that is like cinnamon toast instead of just making cinnamon toast? Cinnamon toast is extremely easy to make. And why would I want to get my cinnamon toast all wet?

20200209_181604Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros – Ok, this is just taking the idea of ruining cinnamon toast by turning it into a breakfast cereal, and going one step further for no logical reason. Where will this madness end!

Churros are delicious, but I see no point in putting them into a cereal bowl. I would, however, enjoy eating this cereal dry. I very much like the idea of having a bag of mini churros that I could take with me wherever I go.

20200209_182307Marshmallow Mateys – The marshmallows in this look good, but I think the name is stupid. What is the “matey” here? The cereal? The marshmallows? Matey seems to mean friend, chum or companionable, so are the marshmallows friends with the rest of the cereal?  Are they friends with the people who eat them? This cereal also sounds like it is trying to be like a pirate or something, but I’m not buying it. And if I did buy this cereal, how does this “Love it or it’s free” deal really work?

20200212_175023Poptarts Cereal – Poptarts are warm and dry. Why would I want them to be cold and wet in milk? It’s somewhat similar to the idea of turning cinnamon toast into a breakfast cereal. Do they think they can turn any breakfast items into a cold cereal? Why not Egg McMuffin Cereal? Or Pancake Mateys?

Also, this is me being nitpicky, but why aren’t they capitalizing the word “Poptarts” on this box? Is it cool and hip to not use capital letters? And does the whole family eat “poptarts” cereal so they need this “FAMILY SIZE” box? I had never even heard of it before, and they are already marketing these to large families.

20200212_175059Baby Shark Cereal – Finally, there is actually a Baby Shark cereal now, and I find the box very disturbing. Just look at it! That box will give me nightmares! I assume this is related to the song, but how does this work for a cereal? Does the cereal seem cute at first but then annoying after you’ve had it a few times? Does it taste like sharks?

Cereal companies have always made breakfast foods based on pop culture items like cartoon characters or movies, but they always seem pointless to me.  I guess they get my attention, so I suppose it’s working, but it doesn’t make me want to buy the cereal.

I understand that I am not the target audience for most breakfast cereals these days, but I do wonder if the next logical step will to be to try to make breakfast cereals based on food items that adults enjoy. They could make items such as:

  • Nachos and Cheesey Flakes!
  • Roast Beef Crunch!
  • Beer Pebbles!

Honestly, I think all of those sound just as good as poptarts Cereal or Honey Bun Cereal.  The only positive that I can find out of all of this is that it provides more tasty items to add to a Chex Party Mix type of snack. While I think cold cereal in milk is gross, I think cold cereal in a snack mix is the perfect food.

Just thinking about it now, I am considering making some sort of Cinnamon Toaster/Baby Shark/Marshallow Mix, and then inviting some of my mates over for a party. Maybe Twinkies Cereal will be a good thing after all.

I just hope they don’t make a Spaghetti and Meatballs Cereal. I don’t think I could handle that.

12 thoughts on “It’s time we had a talk about breakfast cereals

  1. Your area of the country seems to have more cereals than I have. I just want to know why they make cookies into cereal, I mean if you want cookies and milk just get a glass of milk it seems counter productive. Are not enough people eating cookies so we now have to make them into cereal? Are they cookie bits that were mistakes or broken bits from the cookie factory or do they have their own special factory? I thought the whole idea of Twinkies was that they were spongy. If Twinkie cereal gets bigger when you add milk that might be interesting. You know like those flat sponges that get bigger in water.

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    1. We do have a lot of cereals here. And I agree. I don’t understand the point of cookie cereals at all. I had not considered the Twinkies soaking up the milk like a sponge either. That is a definite concern and another reason the cereal seems like a terrible idea. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks! It does mainly seem to exist to deliver sugar, that’s a great point. And also a good point about the Baby Shark box being a limited edition! I better go by 4 or 5 of those boxes later today. Thanks!

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  2. Sad to say, but “Beer Pebbles” would probably sell. Maybe they could also make “Beer Pebbles with Pretzels” cereal. And for the more sophisticated crowd, perhaps “Red & White Wine Pebbles” and the second variety with tiny little cheese bits.

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  3. You are right about the Shark box — it’s scary. What if I bought this box, sat down to breakfast, and when the box is open a baby shark comes out and turns ME into breakfast?

    I’m not a good target for cereal too. I used to buy from time to time, but gave up when I realized that, no matter the brand, it’s just inadequate breakfast. I was hungry again an hour after eating them. Cinnamon toast sounds great. How do you make one?

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    1. Thanks! Frankly, I’m a little scared now to go into the store where I saw the Baby Shark Cereal box. And I agree on cereal being an inadequate breakfast. I will see about posting my recipe for cinnamon toast. I also think it would make an excellent subject for an award-winning international poet….

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  4. I’m kind of a cereal explorer. If it comes in a box that reflects something truly idiotic, like birthday cake pebbles, I gotta have a bowl. I think the best one ever has to be KABOOM. It’s mutated lucky charms, basically, but the box has pre-school all over it and some of the clown face shaped cereal bits are blue, and I need a certain amount of blue artificial color in my diet or I will die. And it tastes great, too, all floating around in that blue milk.

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    1. Thanks Kenny. I commend you on your cereal exploring. It does seem fun to try some of the crazier cereals. I will look for KABOOM. I do like marshmallows with cereal, but only if I can eat them dry and not with blue milk. Thanks again.


    2. Thanks Kenny. It does seem fun to try some of the crazier cereals. I will look for KABOOM. I do like marshmallows with cereal, but only if I can eat them dry and not with blue milk. Have a good day today.

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