I like how I look in a mask, and several other benefits of wearing masks in public

After a few months of wearing masks to the grocery store and other places, I have realized there are several positive benefits to them, in addition to the public health aspects.

So, along with it being an extremely simple and easy gesture to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus and to try put others at ease in public, here several other great things about wearing a mask in public.

I can sing along at the grocery store without anyone knowing it – Before masks, I was often embarrassed to sing along with music they play in the store. Now, though, I can hide my singing with my mask. And if someone in the aisle hears me, I just look over at other shoppers to try to make everyone think it was another shopper.

Masks make my face look thinner –I find they are slimming.

No need to worry about my nose – In the past, I had to occasionally worry about if anything was on my nose. Now, there’s no need to check my reflection in the freezer doors as often. I just do that for fun now.

They really bring out my eyes – You should see how nice they look in the freezer door reflection!

No need to shave anymore – I wasn’t shaving as much due to working from home, but now with wearing a mask in public, there’s really no need. I’m wondering if I even need to brush my teeth anymore.

No one at the store can tell if I am smiling or frowning – I have a terrible poker face, and I like that people can’t read my expressions as much right now. If only my eyes weren’t so expressive!

No need to worry about bugs flying in my mouth – Granted, that hasn’t happened much at the store before. It has happened while jogging, though, and it is terrible.

This is as close as I will ever come to becoming a doctor – I bet they are singing all the time in the hospital under those masks.

No one can tell if I’m yawning – Sure, I’m listening to your story.

I heard that sweat is good for my pores – The pores around my mouth and nose should be doing great!

They keep my face warm while I am in the frozen food section – No need to get cold in certain parts of the store anymore.

No one can see me sampling the grapes – And they can’t tell if I think a grape is too sour now either.

No need to worry about having food in my teeth – I can walk around the whole store with lettuce, parts of a grape or something else stuck in my teeth and no one would know. It is very freeing.

It feels great to take the mask off when you leave the store – I don’t mind the mask, but that is great feeling when you are all finished and take the mask off.

Many people don’t recognize me with the mask – It’s a good way to get out of awkward conversations in the store or other places. You can pretend that you don’t recognize other people with masks, or that they won’t know you because you have a mask on.

I like that some people now only know me with a mask – Isn’t that odd? Some people now have only ever seen me with a mask on and have no idea about the rest of my face. I feel a little bad for them, but I’m glad they got to get a good luck at my eyes and didn’t notice that I was singing and eating grapes at the time.


7 thoughts on “I like how I look in a mask, and several other benefits of wearing masks in public

  1. Ha ha! There are certainly benefits and you mention them all. But have you tried combining the mask with an eye patch? Imagine how more expressive your free eye will be. Not to mention you will be unrecognisable even to those who only know you with a mask.

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    1. Thanks! That is a great idea. My one eye would look amazing! And I could switch the eye patch every time I go to the store, so they would think I’m a different person. Thanks!

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