Why don’t washing machines dry clothes? How did we get so many lids? And other important thoughts

Why can’t a clothes washer and a dryer be combined into the same device? Dishwashers clean and dry the dishes. Why can’t we do this with clothes, too?

While working from home recently, I’ve had extra time to focus on important questions and thoughts such as these, so I thought I should share a few of them here with you today. You are welcome.

  • Why do so many clothes washers have little windows so you can see inside, but dryers don’t? Wouldn’t it be just as valuable for the dryers? Also, those windows are pretty useless. They are like the windows on ovens. If you really want to see if something in the oven is cooked or not, you usually can’t see through the window. You have to open the door.
  • Why don’t’ we just keep our dishes in the dishwasher? If you think about it, you put dishes in the cupboards, get them dirty, put them in the dishwasher, clean them and put them back on the shelves. And it’s usually the same dishes every time. Why not keep the clean dishes in the dishwasher, put the dirty ones the sink (which is where children put them anyway), and then when enough are dirty, just run the dishwasher again?
  • Why do we have so many Tupperware lids with no containers? How did we lose so many containers? I honestly don’t understand why we have at least 10 lids with no containers and a few containers that don’t have any lids.
  • Twin bed is a stupid name. It’s a single bed. By calling it a twin bed, you’d think it would be a bed for two people. The smallest bed should be the standard, then twin, then king/queen, then triple and finally quadruple.
  • Also, why is a king bed be larger than a queen? That seems rather sexist and stupid.
  • If you find someone who has nice clothes and furniture with fine edges, you’ll find a sharp dresser’s sharp dresser.
  • The word “drawer” is interesting. It seems like it should be a place for pens and pencils, not clothes.
  • How does drawer rhyme with door, store, pour and war?
  • If you put dirty clothes into a clothesbasket, then you should put dirty basketballs into the basketballbasket.
  • We have heavy light fixtures at my house.
  • Why do most stoves have four burners? Does anyone ever use all four at the same time? I am a terrible cook, but I don’t know how you could do that. It seems like three that are spaced out better would be much more effective.
  • The name “burner” seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy for my cooking. The name is too negative. They should just be called warmers or heaters or something like that.
  • The name cupboard is also problematic. It seems to come from a board where you keep cups, so shouldn’t the place where we keep plates be called a plateboard? What about where we keep our cutting boards? That should be a cutting boardboard.
  • If we have dryers for our clothes, dishes and even hair, why I am still using a towel when I get out of the shower? Why are there no people dryers in the bathroom? I can’t be expected to keep using towels.
  • How did we get so many coffee cups anyway?
  • If you took photos of different food strainers and then put them into a collection that you could put on the wall with your schedule for the year, you’d have a colander calendar.

10 thoughts on “Why don’t washing machines dry clothes? How did we get so many lids? And other important thoughts

    1. Thanks! I have given a lot of thoughts to these important topics. I will next work on the topic you suggested, but I am not quite clear on it. You might say I have cold fusion confusion.

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  1. Again, fascinated by your thoughts! There is no reason why a washing machine shouldn’t be also a dryer.

    I have containers with no lids, we can trade maybe? Or throw everything away.

    A drawer with clothes should be a clother. And when we see a plateboard, we should never call it a cupboard. Life is confusing enough, without us giving each other wrong directions.

    Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thanks, and they are very important thoughts. The simplest thing would probably be for me to mail my lids to Greece, but I may also throw them away. I will have to think about that. I love the idea of a clother, too! It makes much more sense. Thanks again. We are helping the world.

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