How I deal with a bad mood!

Last week was a bad week.

I won’t go into it right now because you know how I hate to talk about myself, but trust me, things kept going wrong and it put me in a rotten mood.

As I struggled to get into a better frame of mind, I took note of my coping mechanisms  in order to share them with you here. I guess you could call me a hero.

So, here is what I do when I am in a bad mood.

Eating everything I can find – Why was I eating healthy before? That was dumb. I feel terrible. I want candy and doughnuts and caramel corn and cookie dough to snack on.

Imaginary conversations in my head – Often when I am in a bad mood, I find myself playing out different situations in my head. I have no idea why I do this, but I always end up feeling worse.

Trying to suppress all emotions – At the same time, I don’t want most people to actually know I am in a bad mood or that I have any emotions at all, so I can’t let anyone know I’m upset. I’m good, how are you? Are you going to finish that sandwich or can I have it?

Exclamation points! – Bad moods are great times for exclamation points! Last week was the worst! Don’t even get me started! This amazing piece of punctuation helps show how upsetting everything was, and it makes me feel better, too!

Looking on the bright side – If things are going great, I usually worry that something bad will happen. So when everything is going terribly, I think that balance is coming and that hopefully something wonderful is headed my way. I just hope it happens soon!

Doing nothing – I find it’s best to not think about anything but instead to relax on a chair, in a bed or under my desk and then scroll on social media so that I can see that every person I have ever met is either on vacation somewhere warm or is receiving wonderful acclaim for their amazing achievements.

Forget about my problems until I remember them and get upset at myself for forgetting – What a jerk I was! How did I forget about that?

More eating – Do we have any popcorn? How about old pizza? Have we tried popcorn on pizza yet? I deserve junk food because of how rotten my week was. That makes sense, right?

Realizing things really aren’t that bad – After a while, I  go down the list of things that went wrong and see that there is a silver lining to each item. Sure, this happened, but it could have gone much worse than that. And while item number two happened, maybe it’s good that it happened now. After thinking about it for a while, my mood finally starts to lighten up and I feel better.

My stomach hurts – Why did I eat so much bad food? Why do all of these bad things happen to me? I can just imagine what these people think about my eating choices and my stomachache! I can’t let anyone know my stomach hurts. I’m fine. At least my back doesn’t hurt. I guess it’s not too bad, plus it’s finally feeling better. This next week is sure to be a good week now!


Please don’t follow any of these ideas if you are in a bad mood, but feel free to share how you cope with a bad mood. Thanks!

16 thoughts on “How I deal with a bad mood!

  1. You are apparently, my sprit blogger! Just last Thursday, a really crappy day, I texted my hubby the following: “what a crappy day! I NEED WILDFRIES!”

    Now, you need to know two important things: 1. I have been eating really healthy for most of 2019 (please ignore the fact that we’re only 56 days into 2019, so this is not as admirable as I’m trying to make it seem) and (2) do NOT go to Shade and eat wildfries if you’ve never had wildfries. It’s an addiction no one should enter into lightly. They are the DEVIL. I’m WARNING you.

    I suggest you get the hot wing sauce with them.

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      1. I laughed out loud on that one! Next time I go there, I’m going to have that song in my head for sure!

        To answer an earlier question, yes, you can put ranch dressing on them!

        Oh my willpower is sooooooo weak.

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    1. That’s funny and interesting. I’m sorry you had a bad day last week, too. Congratulations on the eating healthy for 2019, and I certainly understand eating poorly when I am in a bad mood. I don’t usually like hot sauce or most spicy foods, but I am curious about this one. Thanks for the funny and interesting comment as always, and I hope your week is going better this week.


  2. That’s right! I deserve a big sweet dessert when I’m in a bad mood. Pizza will do too.
    Also: I give in to the primitive need to sit down (a subject you had analyzed wonderfully in one of your posts). After a while I realize that to sit down is human, but to lie down is divine.

    You may want to check out this song on Youtube: Ora the Molecule — Sugar. It’s a perfect soundtrack to curing the blues with eating.

    And a question: Is it safe to eat wildfries? I’ve only eaten tamed fries so far. What if they start running about the house, disobeying my orders? What if they bite me? Now that would make the week awful!

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    1. Wow! In the months since I started eating wildfries, I never gave a thought to the consequences (other than possible weight gain). Next time I eat wildfries, I’ll likely lie awake, awaiting my fate. A reasonable person would just avoid the possibility of rogue fries, but they are too good. I’ll take my chances. I wasn’t going to eat wildfries this week (they’re NOT just for bad days), but now that I’ve typed wildfries repeatedly, I want some. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Be right back – is Shade on State open for breakfast?

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      1. Maybe you are safe if you do not bring the Wildfries into your home. So many coping mechanisms, food is a go to. I bake and I tell myself that the baked goods are to share with others, well they can have a cookie or two if they are quick.

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      2. Oh cookies . . . something I love even more than wildfries. In fact, I always say I’ve never met a peanut butter cookie I did not fall wildly, madly in love with . . .

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    2. Excellent points about sitting, lying down and pizza! I will check out that song on youtube and I think you are right about tamed fries. Wild fries seem too unpredictable. It seems to be there was even a song in the 1970s about Wildfries by Michael Martin Murphy (I just looked up who sang that) . She ran home calling for Wild Fries, Calling Wild Fries. Calling Wi-I-I-I-illed Fries.

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