A few signs that show I am getting older

Like many people, I seem to be getting older.

I’ve noticed it recently in several ways, and I thought I would tell you about it here today before I forget what I was thinking about. Oh yeah, that’s one way. I can’t remember what I am thinking about from one moment to the next.

Here are a few other signs that I am getting older:

I often wonder if it’s early enough to go to bed yet – I really like reading in bed lately, and it’s also fun to watch basketball or other sports before I fall asleep. It’s also just fun to sleep. Young Nick never wanted to go to bed early, but now I am often hoping it will be early enough soon to go to sleep.

I can’t read small print – I have contacts that work fine, but I can’t read small print anymore. I don’t even try. I just give the directions or whatever to someone younger or just give up.

I like telling people everything that I’m thinking – Kind of like with this column. My wife loves this.

I don’t like fast food – How did I ever like it before? Most of it is kind of gross. I would be just as happy with a piece of toast at home, and my stomach would feel better later, too. Plus, these prices are outrageous! I will have some of your French fries, though, if you have some.

I want to share food with you – Here, try this pie. It’s really good. And if you have food near me, I likely will look at it longingly and ask about it, hoping that you will offer me some.

But I will first refuse food or anything you offer me – I can accept it if you offer a second time, but I likely won’t take it on the first time. (Actually, this may not be an old thing. I think I have done this for a while now.)

I don’t know how a lot of things work –  I don’t even try to understand things like new apps, digital currency or computer programs I haven’t used before. Hopefully one of the kids can set it up for me or buy me some digital money.

I get cold at the grocery store – It really is chilly in there. I used to like that when I was a kid, but now it just makes me want to go home and get into a warm bed. Is it early enough yet?

My knees hurt at weird times – I am fortunate to be able to jog and play sports, but my knees now hurt at times when I am walking on stairs, pulling weeds or even just sitting. I’d take some sort of pain medication for my knees, but I can’t read what the pill bottle says because the print is too small.

I just pretend to hear people sometimes – It’s embarrassing to ask people to repeat themselves over and over, so often I will just nod my head or try to agree with them. I just hope they weren’t asking me to help pull weeds.

Stupid things make me feel emotional– It’s understandable if movies make me feel emotional, but why do commercials? It’s just embarrassing.

I don’t know any current music – I even try to listen to current music sometimes, but I don’t know what the popular songs are now or who the best groups are. I can tell you who was popular in 1988 and can recite most of the lyrics to the 1980s songs, though.

I enjoy the music in the grocery store – They play a lot of songs from the 1980s there!

I won’t leave the house without going to the bathroom first – It’s best to plan ahead. I feel like I have to go all of the time.

I enjoy watching the traffic on my street – Where are the neighbors going? Whose car is coming up the street? Is someone working on a project outside? I’d better go outside and watch.

I sometimes just get up and leave projects or conversations – I feel no need to stay involved in something that is frustrating or boring me. I can go wherever I want, and I don’t really worry about it. People will just think I am in the bathroom, watching the neighbors or that I have forgotten what I was doing again.

12 thoughts on “A few signs that show I am getting older

  1. Aside from the music and being cold ( menopause has my internal temperature set at something near the surface of the sun ) I’m with you brother. Reading glasses, knee brace and unwanted opinions et al.

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  2. Right on target, Nick, as always. You hit many of us squarely in our hearts that day and made us feel we are not alone. You should repost this article periodically for we who have forgotten what we read! Thanks for once again brightening my day.

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