It’s amazing to see how one action can have so many extra positive benefits

This summer, I decided to shorten and thin out the hedges in the backyard.

I took on this challenge because I wanted to see if it would make the yard look larger and because I have been at war with the hedges for the past six years.

Sure, the hedges and I are often friendly to each other, but we both know what the other is thinking when we see each other.

“What an ugly eyesore for the yard,” the hedges often think about me.

“Is there a difference between hedges and bushes? Is it possible to have just one hedge? And why do I have to trim you so often?” I often think while looking at the tall green plants that are in a row in my yard. Continue reading “It’s amazing to see how one action can have so many extra positive benefits”

Where are all of our spoons? What am I eating? And even more of today’s greatest mysteries!

Life is filled with many great mysteries.

Sometimes they can be found in the kitchen, the grocery store or even the study. For example, how can anyone afford to have a study these days?

What are people studying in these rooms? Is there some work I’m supposed to be doing? I’ll be honest, I didn’t study that much when I actually was in school, and I don’t think I would do a very good job of studying now if I had a room devoted to it.

In addition to studiously studying studies, I have also pondered several other puzzling questions over the last few weeks, and I thought I would share a few of them with you here: Continue reading “Where are all of our spoons? What am I eating? And even more of today’s greatest mysteries!”

Congress needs to act to eliminate scented trash bags!

While government leaders discuss impeachment, interest rates and energy policy, I still keep accidentally purchasing “scented” trash bags at the grocery store!

Something definitely needs to be done about this, and I hope that Congress, the United Nations or the Avengers can do something soon about this ill-smelling injustice. This fragrant fraud must be stopped before it stinks again!

Why were scented trash bags invented and distributed? Is this another example of a foreign country trying to disrupt our way of life? Elections are one thing, but when they mess with my trash can, that’s where I draw the line! Continue reading “Congress needs to act to eliminate scented trash bags!”

It’s time we had a talk about &

ampersandI don’t care for the ampersand.

I’m sorry to disappoint all of the amper-fans out there, but it’s time that someone took a stand, an amper-stand.

The fancy symbol for a rather ordinary word does have a few good points, but it is also confusing & is often used incorrectly

Now before you accuse me of conjunction conjecture, let me say that I did a little research before writing my prose on pros and cons of our squiggly little friend. Continue reading “It’s time we had a talk about &”

What I did on my summer vacation from blogging

A few months ago, I proclaimed on here that I had several terrific new ideas for the blog that would be fun and exciting.

After that, I wrote a few posts and then didn’t write anything for more than two months. As it turns out, my great idea was to just have a blank blog.

I call it “virtual blogging.”

The good news is that I had very few typos over the last few months. The bad news is that I likely lost most of my readers, and I missed the fun of writing these posts. Continue reading “What I did on my summer vacation from blogging”

What pointless lies do you tell? And do they also involve acting?

Isn’t it funny how often we lie for silly and pointless reasons?

I find that I do this a lot, often throwing in my extensive acting skills in order to make the lies seem more plausible. Sometimes I lie because I am trying to be polite and other times I really don’t know why the lies come out, they just do.

Here are some of the top times that I lie for really stupid reasons. I am betting that some of you do can relate to these situations. Continue reading “What pointless lies do you tell? And do they also involve acting?”