Happy New Fiscal Year!

Happy New Fiscal Year!

I’m so thankful that 2020 is finally over and that we can now move on to 2021. What a year it has been! I am ready to be done with that!

Now, just as with the calendar years, I realize that not everyone celebrates the new fiscal year at the same time. This date seems to be the most prevalent, though, so I thought it was appropriate to party like its 2021 today.

In order to get 2021 off to a great start, I put together some information on the New Fiscal Year here for you, along with some additional thoughts and New Fiscal Year’s Resolutions. Continue reading “Happy New Fiscal Year!”

A New Year’s Eve to forget

Another big New Year’s Eve is in the books and I am ready for 2018.

This is the year to become rich and famous, hopefully for something good and not for something like being attacked by a Bigfoot that I catch on film or for getting a big settlement after eating some bad ice cream.

No, this is the year to become hugely successful and to capitalize on all of the positives of 2017. It was a great year and it ended with an interesting Dec. 31.

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