A super blog to check out, and the formation of a new Just Us League

LEWcharter (1)The internet is full of great blogs and I wanted to take a moment to promote a blog that I have been enjoying reading recently.

The blog is Not That You Asked and it is full of information about topics that you did not ask about, but you most likely will wish you would have. The author, Andy, is funny and interesting, and has recently discussed topics such as observations from a Texas vacation and the life of a third-string high school quarterback. He also has a poignant article about the day his father died, and then undied.

Best of all, Andy told me he likes my blog, so you know he has great taste. I have become blogging friends with him (do I refer to him as my blogfriend?) and he started a new organization that I am proud to be a part of. It is very exclusive (since it’s only two of us so far), and I put the logo for the group here on my page. If you want more information about the group, you would probably make Andy’s day.

So I am now proudly a member of the League of Exemplary Writers, and I am still debating about where to put the League tattoo. The plan is for the  League to eventually grow and become a place where writers discuss their own blogs, offer advice and provide encouragement. I imagine that we will meet at the Hall of Syntax.

Basically, I’m happy to be joining the League, and I’m enjoying reading Andy’s articles. I hope you enjoy them, too, and now I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled posts about important topics such as overrated foods, mail and the phrase “Bob’s your uncle.”


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