Tales of a good and bad summer weekend

It was a good news/bad news kind of weekend. Here are a few examples:

I finally got the hedges trimmed again so that they look nice. It was a lot of work, but I feel pretty good about it.

Along with trimming the hedges, I also trimmed the poison ivy hidden in the backyard. I feel pretty itchy about it

It finally stopped raining and it looks beautiful outside.

It’s too hot to actually go outside. It’s so hot that when I was taking a shower earlier today, I ran out of cold water. Continue reading “Tales of a good and bad summer weekend”

A trip home leads to some rash decisions

I took a four-hour drive recently, and ended up driving into the past.

The drive was to my mom’s house in Defiance County, Ohio, where I stayed for a few days. One of my brothers was also home for a visit, so it would be a welcome chance to see family.

My mom greeted us as she usually does, with a big hug and a bigger list of items she wanted us to do around the house. Continue reading “A trip home leads to some rash decisions”

Supersized sidewalks and a few thoughts about summer in Athens, Ohio

A few random thoughts related to summer in Athens, Ohio

I like the new extra wide sidewalks on West Union Street in Uptown Athens. I’m not sure I completely understand the reasons for them, but they look sweet. I enjoy how they appear modern with the smooth curves, but also historic with the bricks that have been included. They even have benches and super short trashcans that make me feel extra tall while walking. I may take some trash up there just because it looks fun to throw it into those short cans. Continue reading “Supersized sidewalks and a few thoughts about summer in Athens, Ohio”