Tales of a good and bad summer weekend

It was a good news/bad news kind of weekend. Here are a few examples:

I finally got the hedges trimmed again so that they look nice. It was a lot of work, but I feel pretty good about it.

Along with trimming the hedges, I also trimmed the poison ivy hidden in the backyard. I feel pretty itchy about it

It finally stopped raining and it looks beautiful outside.

It’s too hot to actually go outside. It’s so hot that when I was taking a shower earlier today, I ran out of cold water.

After having my city league softball games rained out for three straight games, in the last two weeks, the weather is supposed to clear up this week!

We don’t have any softball games scheduled this week due to the Fourth of July holiday.

I finally got the basketball hoop taken down in my backyard and took it over to my son’s house. It really wasn’t that hard to take down or transport over to Ben’s house!

We immediately broke a piece while trying to put it up. In addition, I forgot some tools and had to go back home. After that, I had to go back home again and then to the hardware store for more tools before we finally got the base attached to the basketball pole again.

After finally figuring out that we had attached the base backwards, we got hot, tired and frustrated so we gave up for the day.

We have improved internet at home thanks to the ingenuity and helpfulness of the kids in the family.

There’s nothing good to watch or read on the internet today.

The youngest kids in the family got all registered for classes so that they can begin college in the fall.

The youngest kids in the family are all set to begin college in the fall.

The road construction projects are making progress as the summer keeps moving along.

I have no idea what lane I am supposed to drive in on the roads under construction.

I played in a very fun rec soccer game on Saturday before the weather got too hot.

I played goalie and gave up one of the worst goals I have given up in recent years. I could just see my teammates looking back at me with a “What are you doing?” look.

We bought the best cinnamon raisin bread I have ever had.

I can’t stop eating cinnamon raisin bread. It’s all I am thinking about all day.

I am nearly finished with a column focused on this idea I had about “ale” and ‘date” words that I hope to publish later this week!

I have nearly written a whole column about “ale” and “date” words.

I got paid over the weekend!

I’ve pretty much spent it all already.

I got a lot done over the weekend and had a fun time with family and friends.

It’s now Monday.

We have so many real problems in my town, in the country and around the world, that my bad news items really don’t seem all that bad. If these are the worst things I have happening to me, then life is pretty great.

Even so, my arms and legs itch like crazy, and we are nearly out of cinnamon raisin toast!

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