Top 5 Reasons That LeBron James Should Sign With My Rec Softball Team

Now that the NBA Finals are over and LeBron James is officially a free agent, there is a tremendous amount of speculation about where the basketball superstar will play next.

While most of the focus is on teams like Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia, there is another team that I believe is a much better fit for The King.

And while the national media “experts,” continue to ignore this option, it’s clear that the best team for LeBron James to join this summer is my rec softball team. Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons That LeBron James Should Sign With My Rec Softball Team”

Field of Daydreams – Tales of Athens Rec Softball

While most people around Athens know the name Avalanche for its outstanding pizza, Avalanche is also known for its spunky softball team that is often out standing in the outfield on defense while the other teams get hit after hit.

Avalanche Pizza is the lucky sponsor of the plucky co-ed rec softball team that I play on in Athens this year, and the team is one of the most fun squads I have ever been a part of. We are extremely thankful to Avalanche for the sponsorship and guarantee that the prices of their always-tasty pizzas are much lower than my ERA (Earned Run Average). Continue reading “Field of Daydreams – Tales of Athens Rec Softball”