Top 5 Reasons That LeBron James Should Sign With My Rec Softball Team

Now that the NBA Finals are over and LeBron James is officially a free agent, there is a tremendous amount of speculation about where the basketball superstar will play next.

While most of the focus is on teams like Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia, there is another team that I believe is a much better fit for The King.

And while the national media “experts,” continue to ignore this option, it’s clear that the best team for LeBron James to join this summer is my rec softball team.

Based in Athens, Ohio, our Avalanche Pizza coed team is a short drive for LeBron and his family, and we have a roster spot open for him.

The team is so perfect for him, in fact, that our judges put together this list of Top 5 Reasons LeBron James Should Join My Rec Softball Team.

And because it is such a good idea, we also have several honorable mentions.

  • No Instant Replay Rules – After that fiasco in the first NBA Finals, you should be happy to know that we don’t have any instant replay rules, or even any video at all in our league. My stepdaughter takes photos every once in a while, but that’s about it.
  • No One Analyzing Your Every Move – Frankly, we’re not usually sure what the score is, how many outs there are or what inning we are in, so you don’t have to worry about people studying your every move.
  • You can play whatever position you want – Any position except pitcher, shortstop, third base and first base, that is. We already have people at those spots, but you can play another position or be a designated hitter if your hand is still sore.
  • Free Avalanche Pizza T-Shirt – We can’t pay you $25 million like some teams, but we can get you a free t-shirt! You can’t get these shirts with any NBA team. I’ll even buy you some Avalanche Pizza (it’s great!) as long as you play well enough for us.
  • No Media Coverage – Athens NEWS editor and former first baseman Terry Smith may show up and ask a few questions, but they will mostly be about if you know any of the same people he knows in northeast Ohio or you have heard of any of the bands he listens to.

5. We have help for you on this team – You won’t need to carry the team like you have had to carry some NBA teams in the past. You might need to carry the bats and balls some weeks, but you can count on our players to score some runs so that you don’t have to do everything. Also, we only have two bats (on a good night), so they’re not that difficult to carry.

4. It’s another way you can be better than Michael Jordan – He left basketball to play baseball and just did ok. You could leave basketball over the summer to play softball, have a great season and then return to basketball in the same year! That’s Greatest Of All Time talk if I’ve ever heard it. Take that Stephen A. Smith and other ESPN sports personalities!

3. You don’t want us to have to forfeit a game do you? – We might be short a person if you can’t make it, and I already told my teammates I could get you to play.

2. No Post-Game Press Conferences – As a team member, you will not be required to spend your time in any of those long press conferences or other interviews. I do write out questions for my family members to ask me after each game, but those interviews rarely go as I hope.

1. You can play on my rec soccer team, too! – You can be a three-sport athlete this summer and suddenly be better than Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders, too. We can pay your league fee with money left in our salary cap (it’s a hat where we keep our team funds) and your kids can play for our Blue Meanies Coed Rec Soccer Team, too. You can play one game or as many games as you want, just let me know so we can get you a shirt to wear and so we can tell Kobe Bryant we don’t need him that week.

10 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons That LeBron James Should Sign With My Rec Softball Team

    1. Thanks! I think we make a competitive offer for him. And I think Boston will do well even without LeBron, too. I would be happy to have Kyrie Irving on my softball team, too, of course.

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  1. I don’t know if this had me laughing too much, or just enough. I may be a Clevelander and dare I say not a LeBron fan, but I enjoy picturing all of this.

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