Top 5 places I don’t like to clean

I don’t hate cleaning, but there are certain parts of it that I often “forget” to focus on.

If I can just sweep the floor, vacuum or maybe clean a few counters, I’m actually pretty happy. It’s nice to listen to music and do some cleaning in those instances.

The problem comes when I see other spots that I know I should clean, but I don’t because I detest them. With that in mind, our judges have put together this list of Top 5 places that I don’t like to clean. Continue reading “Top 5 places I don’t like to clean”

It’s time to get outside and exercise! Or is it?

It’s spring and I’m excited about getting outside and getting back into shape!

The weather is beautiful, it feels great to be outside and I have no reason not to jog and exercise more often.

Well, work is a pretty good excuse. It’s been busy lately and I have been tired after some long days. I’m too tired to exercise. Continue reading “It’s time to get outside and exercise! Or is it?”