Top 5 places I don’t like to clean

I don’t hate cleaning, but there are certain parts of it that I often “forget” to focus on.

If I can just sweep the floor, vacuum or maybe clean a few counters, I’m actually pretty happy. It’s nice to listen to music and do some cleaning in those instances.

The problem comes when I see other spots that I know I should clean, but I don’t because I detest them. With that in mind, our judges have put together this list of Top 5 places that I don’t like to clean.

First, a few honorable mentions:

Ceiling fans – They are hard to reach, they collect dust and they spin around if you try to clean them. I am not fans of them. Also, I don’t really understand how they keep the house warm or cold during certain times of the year.

Underneath a dresser – Why can’t dressers go all the way to the floor? Why do so many of them have that little gap that just creates space to collect dust bunnies and cat toys? Dressers are hard to move and are a pain to clean underneath.

5. The toaster – Have you looked inside of your toaster lately? I am guessing that it needs cleaned, but nobody wants to clean it. How do you get all of the old crumbs out without shocking yourself or making a mess? Does it really matter if you don’t clean it?

4. The floor behind the toilet – It’s hard to reach and no one wants to clean there. You can’t get a mop or a broom back there, so then you have to crawl around on your hands and knees and reach far behind the toilet. Why can’t Elon Musk or other inventors work on important problems like this? I only hope that future generations don’t have to clean the floor behind the toilet.

3. The car – I loathe the idea of cleaning the car. I try to keep it fairly tidy, but rocks and leaves always get tracked inside. Then you have to vacuum it out with handheld vacuum that usually doesn’t work or you have to go to a car wash just to find a good vacuum. Also, it’s difficult to reach in the spots next to the front seats where change and other items always fall down. (So that’s where my bank receipt went!) It’s also hard to clean under the seats or in the little spaces where the windshield meets the dashboard. The best option is to just ignore it and hope someone else in the family decides to clean the car.

2. Tall ceilings – Why do they make them so tall in some houses? It’s just wasted space. Now I have to walk around the house with a broom or some other item to try to reach up there to try to get it clean. Why do we even have them? Did we build the house for giants? Don’t even get me started on ledges that are super high up on the wall in these rooms with high ceilings.

1. The oven – I despise cleaning the oven. The oven cleaning products smell terrible and the whole process is way too much work. Also, self-cleaning ovens are a lie. I have not found them to work well at all. When I was a single parent and my son and I were renting a house, I once caused a small fire when I was storing a store-bought cake in the oven and then forgot about it and turned the oven on. I had melted plastic, burned cardboard and roasted cake all over the oven. It took a huge amount of work to clean the the whole thing, which was especially frustrating since I rarely used the oven for anything besides storing cake, cookies and other snacks.

What places do you hate to clean? Free to comment below. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Top 5 places I don’t like to clean

  1. I’d say the solution to cleaning the oven was buying a new oven… but it could get expensive buying a new car and bathroom.
    My least favorite thing to clean? Windows. No matter how many times I wipe, they always look streaky.

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    1. Thanks! I think you are right about getting a new oven, too! And I agree about the streaks, too. I don’t mind cleaning them, but it is hard to actually get them to look nice. Thanks!

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  2. Reminds me of my Dad telling my Mum they needed a new car, she was surprised and said ‘What’s wrong with the one we’ve got?’ and he said ‘The ashtrays are full.’
    So I don’t think he liked cleaning the car either.

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  3. Ceiling fans, they are next on my list and really I am thinking of getting replacement blades so I don’t have to get greasy dust off of them. The cake thing is hysterical! My son had a birthday and I put his cake in a tupperware container and brought it to his apartment, he of course stored it in the oven because he has a very nimble and destructive cat. A few days later he needed help getting the melted container with still some cake off the inside of the oven. We couldn’t even get the racks out because it had oozed enough to block that try. That was a cleaning job I could have done without!

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