Top 5 Reasons Winter is the Best Season

While some people whine and complain about winter, I choose to focus on the magnificent aspects of this magical season.

I am a positive person who doesn’t see the glass as half empty, but instead as half filled with a delicious liquid and half filled with life giving oxygen.

And while it was difficult to type due to my fingers being so numb from the cold, I worked with our judges to compile the Top 5 Reasons Winter is the Best Season. So, get under a blanket, grab some extra tissues for your runny nose and let’s focus on the fabulous features of winter! Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons Winter is the Best Season”

Top 5 Winter Annoyances (not counting the cold)

Winter has been tough for many of us already, and parts of the U.S. are now somehow being hit by a Bomb Cyclone, whatever that is.

I  actually like winter at times, but there are certain aspects of the cold weather that I loathe.

The worst aspects are certainly the dangers caused by the frigid temperatures, slippery snow and these terrible storms. In addition, though, there are several other items that cause numerous annoyances for our judges, so we have put together the Top 5 Winter Annoyances (not counting the cold).

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