Top 5 Reasons Winter is the Best Season

While some people whine and complain about winter, I choose to focus on the magnificent aspects of this magical season.

I am a positive person who doesn’t see the glass as half empty, but instead as half filled with a delicious liquid and half filled with life giving oxygen.

And while it was difficult to type due to my fingers being so numb from the cold, I worked with our judges to compile the Top 5 Reasons Winter is the Best Season. So, get under a blanket, grab some extra tissues for your runny nose and let’s focus on the fabulous features of winter!

First, here are our honorable mentions. I should note that there are a lot, because winter is awesome.

Snowball fights – When else can you pick up something off the ground and throw it at your neighbors/family/friends, but it’s all just good natured fun and not a crime? It’s like a food fight without the mess. You could have a dirt fight in the summer, but it wouldn’t be the same.

No sunburns – You can be outside all day and not need any sunscreen! Your skin might itch and have some sort of rash, but that’s just due to frostbite.

No grass to cut – Shoveling snow takes much less time than cutting grass, and if you get thirsty, just reach down, grab some snow and take a drink! It’s so convenient (as long as it is somewhat clean)!

Best sports – In the winter, you have the football playoffs, basketball (including the NCAA March Madness tournament), hockey, wrestling, baseball spring training, the Winter Olympics and soccer, which seems to have some sort major championship every month of the year. Also, sports contests played in snowstorms are awesome to watch, as long as you are watching on television from the warmth of your living room.

Helps you to appreciate running water – In the summer, people take their running water for granted and spray it all over their lawns, cars and children. In the winter, you are thrilled just to see a little water running through your frigid pipes.

Best holidays – Due to its number of holidays, the high quality of these observances and the number of days off of work, winter wins this category easily.

5. Best Television – Winter is the best time of the year for new television programs and it is the best time to stay in and watch television. When it’s cold outside, you can just lounge on the sofa with a blanket and watch movies or TV programs without feeling guilty. You can’t do that as easily in other times of the year.

4. No need to worry about ice cream melting on your way home from the grocery store – You don’t even need to put all of your cold items in the same bag! It’s so much easier!

3. Walking In Snow > Walking In Rain – Snow may be cold, but it is pretty and romantic to walk in. Rain is just cold and wet and the only time you want to be in the rain is if you are in a movie and you are spinning around looking at the sky while possibly singing.

2. Best Sleeping – Winter is easily the best time of year to sleep. It feels great to bundle up in a blanket, it’s constantly dark outside and there’s not much else to do.

1. Snow Days – Not only do you have more holidays in winter, but the kids get days off of school due to snow and every once in a while you get a day off of work. Even better, the snow and cold weather give you a good excuse for not going to dinner parties, helping friends move, attending community events or doing anything else you don’t want to do because you just want to stay home, watch television and sleep.

13 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Winter is the Best Season

  1. As an addition to best holidays, my daughter always refers to the winter holidays as the Chocolate Holidays, and who doesn’t like chocolate? Halloween to Easter are her Chocolate Holidays. You really wouldn’t want chocolate anything on the 4th of July would you?
    Nice Post!

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  2. Yay! You found even more than 5! 🙂
    I like these. I love staying in bed for an hour after I woke up in winter. It’s just so nice and warm..

    One thing I like in addition to the things that you mention is candles. I don’t like that it gets dark so early, but having a lot of candles on gives me a lovely cosy feeling and it looks lovely. This might be a bit of a girly advantage.

    Oh and I love tea and when it’s cold you can drink as much tea as you want without breaking out in sweats. If you drink a lot before going to bed you do have to get up in the middle of the night though…

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