A day when everything went perfectly, and it was terrifying!

Do you ever have one of those days when everything is going so well that it is starting to scare you?

That happened to me a few weeks ago, and frankly it still makes me a little bit nervous.

It was Father’s Day and nearly everything went perfectly. It sounds terrifying, right? I got to be so uncomfortable after a few hours that I was pretty sure I would be hit by a bus if many other things went right.

Why oh why do so many good things have to happen to me ?!?

The day started early in the morning, as many days do.

On this day, I had signed up to take part in a 5K run with my neighbor, his family and some people from work. The run was to benefit a local organization that provides free lunches for area children in the summer, and I was happy to support it. Also, it was a pleasant day and a delightful opportunity to completely destroy my co-workers in this race!

I don’t do many official runs, but I jog with my neighbor, Doug, at least 5 days a week. We jog each day for about 30 minutes, so it is not a hard run, but it keeps us exercising. Our families are very supportive, to, as they like the idea of us being out of our houses as often as possible.

Anyway, on the Father’s Day run, Doug and I started in the middle of the pack, and we started faster than usual simply because everyone else around us was running at a fast pace. Then, because I hate being in crowds, we pushed ahead of most of the people around us and somehow finished the first mile in 8 minutes.

In the second mile, I found myself running much faster than usual partially to impress the other people on the course and partially to keep up with Doug. He, meanwhile, was just trying to keep up with me and he was also enjoying cruising by other people on the course.

In the third mile, the run was not so enjoyable. In fact, I was hurting. Actually, I was tired, feeling awful and debating the best way throw up when I finished. I was somehow able to keep up the pace since I was running with Doug, and we finished with a time of 24 minutes and 6 seconds. That was a record for me, by a wide margin, and a great way to start my Father’s Day. My wife was there to see my grand victory, I did run much faster than my co-workers and I thought to myself that it was a very nice Father’s Day.

After the race, my wife and I went home and we had a great brunch.

“What a great Father’s Day,” I thought to myself, “That’s probably about it for great things on this day, but it has been a super day and I am very lucky. I also enjoy thinking long sentences to myself.”

The twins at home had already given me a very nice Father’s Day present of new shorts, a shirt and two new hats for softball, but then they also gave me one of the nicest cards I have ever received. The card made me emotional as I thought about how unbelievably good they made me feel with what they wrote, and how I was starting to get scared about the fact that so many things were going right.

Things never go this smoothly. Was I also going to get fired from work on this day? Was I going to trip on the dog and break my arm? Was Lady Gaga going to put out another hit song? I knew something terrible was about to happen.

Soon after, my 19-year-old son and his girlfriend came over for dinner and we had a great time. We had a lot of fun talking, the dinner my wife made was delicious and everyone had fun. But still, I was concerned.

Was the dinner going to make us all sick? Was my car going to be gone when I looked outside? Was this all a set-up for one or more of the children to ask for money?

I am a huge basketball fan and had been All In on rooting for the Cavaliers this season, so I pretty much knew now that since everything had gone right, there was no way the Cavs were going to win Game 7 that night.

I resigned myself to the fact that they would lose and tried to go about the rest of the day hoping they could win the championship next season instead.

Later in the day, other family members called with great news, my wife and I went for a very nice walk since the weather was perfect and I had time to do a little reading. I am telling you, it was a perfect day!

As the night went on, too, the Cavaliers somehow won the NBA Championship in one of the best games I had ever seen. The game was filled with memorable plays, and I was so happy, in part because my 19-year-old son is such a fan of the Cavs. My wife and I had a fun time watching the exciting game, and it was the topper to a great, great day.

As I tried to go to sleep that night, I reflected on the day, and thought about how lucky I am to be a father and to have so many great family members and friends.

We don’t have much money, we live in an old house and we just do our best to try and get by. At the same time, though, I am incredibly blessed and am thankful every day to be living the life that I am.

I went to sleep with a smile on my face, thanking the Lord for such a nice Father’s Day.

And later that week, thankfully, the electric went out in the house, some of the wiring got completely messed up and we spent several days without electricity in a few parts of the house while we tried to get an electrician to come out to the house.

My wife was understandably worried about the cost of getting it all fixed and the possibility of the bad wiring causing a fire that could burn the whole house down, but I was mainly just relieved and happy that something bad had finally happened. Whew.

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