Top Five Reasons to Secretly Listen to Air Supply

The band Air Supply is best-known for cheesy ballads that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s, and is too often forgotten about today. But while the band may be corny and uncool, their music is awesome (in a corny, cheesy and uncool way).

While many people love the band, though, we fans (Air Suppliers) can’t just go around singing Air Supply tunes or getting Air Supply tattoos because the greater population does not understand the greatness of the group. I don’t understand the greater population.
In order to help spread the word about Air Supply and to encourage you in your appreciation of all things Air Supply, I have compiled the Top Five Reasons Secretly Listen To  Air Supply.

5. Air Supply Is Awesome While Working Out – The band has some slow tunes, but it also has some cool power ballads that can help get you motivated while running, pumping iron or doing whatever else you do to work out. Best of all, it’s really fun to work out next to the big, hulking guys who are lifting weights and listening to super hard rock or ultra-cool rap while I am rocking out to “Every Woman in the World” or I am building up strength through “The Power of Love.”

4. Air Supply Makes You Feel Young – Most of these songs were popular 30 years ago or so, and listening to them can make you feel like when you were secretly rocking out to Air Supply on the back of the school bus ( I did that all the time, Air Supply was always on the radio then!). Or, the band can make you remember loves or crushes from long ago. Also, when listening to Air Supply, you will probably think, “Man, those guys must be old by now. I’m glad that I’m still young.”

3. You Sound Great Singing Their Hits – I should qualify this by saying that you sound great to yourself when you sing their hits. The band does a great job of making the lyrics clear enough so that you can understand them, and the tunes are fun to sing along with. When the music builds up, you can take the melody or harmony parts and you can jam right along with the Air Supply guys. Again, you may sound terrible if there are people around you, but if you are alone in the car, shower or house, you can really rock out to Air Supply and imagine you are a curly and wavy haired, loose-shirted, white pants wearing “rock” star from a few decades ago

2. Air Supply Has Hits That You Didn’t Know Were Air Supply Hits – I always liked Air Supply, but until I broke down and bought a Greatest Hits album a few years ago (I shopped alone that day, and bought other items so I wouldn’t just be purchasing an Air Supply album), I found out that they had several hit songs that I liked a lot and had no idea they were Air Supply songs. You’ll recognize the big songs that are in their main style, but they have a few other hit tunes that I bet you didn’t know were Air Supply songs. Some of these songs are in different styles, while others were also sung by other musicians. It’s like an Air Supply Surprise whenever you listen!

1. Air Supply Is Awesome – Admit it. When the music builds in songs like “Lost In Love” or “Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You),” you get all fired up and sing loudly along with the band. Or when songs like “Two Less Lonely People In The World,” “The One That I Love,” or “All Out Of Love” are playing, you just feel good and have to sing along.  People may make fun of Air Supply today, but the band had some great hits. The songs are catchy and the guys’ voices are awesome, especially in the high notes when the music builds. The band could take any tune and make it popular. They were that good. You might say that they could make hits out of nothing at all or that even the nights are better when you are listening to Air Supply. So listen proudly and listen loudly to Air Supply (just don’t tell your friends).

(Note, this is another older list from an earlier blog of mine that no one saw. Just like Air Supply songs that are timeless, I wanted to bring this one back to new blog. Rock on!)

3 thoughts on “Top Five Reasons to Secretly Listen to Air Supply

    1. I agree, they have plenty of great songs that never get played, too. Their lyrics are terrific and I love how the music and emotion builds in many of the songs. Thanks!


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