A few lessons from the winter of 2019

The winter of 2019 has taught me several important lessons already, and it’s still only February.

While thinking too much about ice, snow and rain, I wrote down a few of the thoughts here:

It’s important to dress appropriately for winter – Here in Ohio that means a heavy coat, hat, gloves, umbrella and sunscreen. You never know if it will be -10, rainy or in the 70s.

I would not want to be a snowplow driver – I don’t like driving in the snow or shoveling snow, so thank you to all of the snowplow drivers out there.

I also would not want to be a school superintendent – Not only do they have to go out early in the mornings and study the roads in order to determine if it is safe for school buses, now they also have to come up with poems and even songs in some school districts to announce snow days. Have you seen these snow day announcements online? It’s a lot different than listening to the radio in the 1970s and 1980s and just hoping they would announce the school closing and delays after the next awesome Air Supply song.

I don’t understand the reminiscing about the blizzards of ‘77 and ‘78 – I was growing up in Northwest Ohio when those blizzards hit and I remember them well. It was an amazing amount of snow and we were stuck at home for quite a while. While it is astounding to think about how much snow we received, I also recall getting super bored being stuck at home while the roads were extremely dangerous. I certainly don’t want to see another winter like that.

It was so cold outside that my face hurt during our recent cold spell – Yet, I still chose to go for a walk to buy pop and junk food.

Groundhogs are stupid – Where does this whole Groundhog Day idea come from anyway? Groundhogs are pests and they don’t seem all that smart, why would anyone think they can predict the winter?

How can I get some of this Executive Time I keep hearing so much about? – I would like to use Executive Time and stay home more often to watch television and look up old Air Supply videos on You Tube in order maximize my time and help me to think more clearly.

I may be the only person who has not eaten at the new Steak and Shake restaurant on in my city yet – It’s always busy, no matter how cold it is or what the roads are like. I like steaks and I like shakes, but I’m just not sure if they should be combined.

Maybe we should reminisce about the old Great Steak and Fry restaurant that was in the mall in town not too long ago – It rarely had any lines! I wonder why they didn’t stay in business?

Winter clothes today are much better than the items we had in the 1970s – Our coats were huge and they had those fur linings that went around your face and were covered with nose drippings, the gloves never kept you warm enough and we had to wear bags on our feet underneath our winter boots that took about 15 minutes to lace up and tie. Today, winter coats can be very warm, yet they somehow can also be folded up so they can basically fit in your pocket, gloves are awesome and work with cell phones, and boots actually keep your feet dry without plastic bags. It’s a whole different world.

I am getting through winter by focusing on basketball and waiting for the next superhero movie – I love basketball season and it’s a good way to get through the winter, even if some of the teams I follow haven’t won as much yet as I had hoped. They still may turn the corner, so I am focusing on that during the cold days. And if they don’t do great by the end of the season, well, the weather will be warm then anyway and the next superhero movie will finally be out.

I would not want to be a superhero in the winter – I don’t see how those uniforms keep them warm enough and I am sure Spider-Man would have trouble with his webbing in the snow. I wonder if it’s more difficult to fly in the winter if you are a superhero.

We’re nearly halfway through February already! – And that means that we’re not that far from winter being behind us. Before you know it, our basketball teams will be winning playoff games, people will be eating outside, superhero movies will be playing in the movie theaters and I’ll be cruising around town with the windows down, enjoying the smooth city streets and even smoother sounds of Air Supply as I maximize my executive driving time.

8 thoughts on “A few lessons from the winter of 2019

  1. I am amazed at how easily they call off school now, is it because with all our new tech advances that people have forgotten how to drive or even use common sense. By the way, 4wheel drive helps in snow but not on ice. We may be warmer in our new winter clothes but we will avoid going outside in them!

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  2. I’m not a fan of the cold (cold!) winter weather so I’m a HUGE fan of the improvements in outerwear. I struggled with being cold for years before I finally broke down and bought a North Face that is ridiculously non-bulky but still manages to keep me warm. PRAISE BE.

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  3. So many things to know…
    School lets out around here (Western NC) with just a little bit of snow, but a lot of the roads back up in the sticks can be sketchy even if the weather isn’t that bad, so I have no objections.
    I don’t drive in the snow if I don’t have to. This has nothing to do with my confidence in my driving skills, rather with my lack of confidence in the skills of others.
    Around here people get nostalgic about the blizzard of ’93. I wasn’t here for it, but I have seen some pictures. Good times.
    The only superhero I would want to be in the winter is Thor, for obvious reasons. I’m sure Iron Man has heat in the suit for high altitudes, but he’s not as cool as Thor.
    I really like college basketball, but don’t let the fact that I live in North Carolina give you any bad ideas. I was born in Maryland, home of the #24 Terrapins and that’s the only team I care about, except for Duke, which I care about seeing go down in flames.
    I like steak and I will grill one in the snow. I double up on the charcoal and it’s warm enough as long as I’m wearing my astronaut/snow boots. Steak on a stick cooked in the fireplace is pretty good, too.
    The only part of the whole situation I don’t care for is power failures. My house is old and drafty, so the only place that gets warm is the living room. Having to stomp out every couple hours or so to get a bunch of firewood is a pain but it beats trying to read a book while I’m shivering.
    I don’t listen to Air supply. I guess you could say I’m all out of love, but be on the lookout for my next post about bad songs. Thanks for a good post, man.

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    1. Thanks Kenny. I have several responses, too. I also worry more about other drivers than I worry about me. I am always concerned about people sliding into my car from the back. Thor would do well in the winter, and he probably is the coolest. I am a Spider-Man fan, though, so I hope he wears long underwear under his costume in the winter. I like the Maryland teams and usually cheer against Duke, but they are so much fun to watch this year I am now cheering for them. I love Zion and watching that whole team. Power failures are terrible during the winter, i agree, but power ballads by Air Supply are awesome any time of the year. Thanks, and I will watch for your post!

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  4. I feel your pain with regards to winter lessons but you forgot one thing….salt. Salt on the roads (good thing) – Salt on your car when it’s too cold to be washed (bad thing), Salt on the sidewalks (good thing) – Salt tracked into the house and all over the floors when insensitive people forget to remove shoes (bad thing) – Salt on the doggies paws (definitely bad thing). I love the safety features of salt in the winter, I just hate the lasting effects of salt on my environment. Other than that, I think you hit all the high points of winter lessons.
    I agree with you wholeheartedly about that damn groundhog!

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