Top Five Things That Immediately Make Me Feel Tired

I can run five miles and not be tired, but certain things in life exhaust me in right away even though they should not.

Here are the Top 5 Things That Immediately Make Me Feel Tired.

Before we jump to the Top 5, I should point out that several items received honorable mention votes. These nominees are all strong candidates, but are not technically eligible for a Top 5 position due to the fact that they might get me in trouble at home/fired. These honorable mentions include the following:

  • Picking out clothes
  • Comparing paint colors
  • Webinars
  • Watching someone else play video games (apparently I may be in the minority on this, as they know show this on television and I understand many people watch this online)
  • Parent meetings
  • Shakespeare in a hot theater – (I like Shakespeare plays, but I have had a hard time staying awake in hot theaters)
  • Golf
  • Government meetings
  • Dusting

5. Physics – I realize that physics probably has some importance, but I can’t follow along without falling asleep. This caused a few problems in my high school physics class, as well as a few other high school and college classes that I had a difficult time understanding. Calculus? It ‘s more like Calculuzzzzz.

4. Listening to directions – I imagine that directions can be helpful for getting places or learning how to do something, but I can never follow along in my head after step two, so I am usually lost for most of the conversation. I try to sound interested and pretend to understand, but I am usually just trying to stay awake. That’s why my eyes look so big, I am prying them open as hard as I can with my eye muscles so that I appear to be listening instead of falling asleep.

3. Eating – This is a common issue for many people, but it seems to happen more and more often for me now. It’s not just a big holiday meal that makes me want to nap, it’s most meals, weekend midday snacks and movie scenes where families are eating turkey. Say that looks good, zzzzzzzz.

2. Elementary School Concerts – I love watching my children and relatives in school events. I also am thankful for music teachers and have always enjoyed the performances from the classes that I had children in. The problem involves having to sit through the performances by all of the other classes. Soon, all of the songs sound the same, I can’t understand many of the words, some of the kids are just screaming on stage and I am just hoping I don’t talk in my sleep or accidentally fall out of my chair. If you look around, you will always see other parents/grandparents sleeping, too. And if it’s hot in the gym/auditorium, which it usually is, look out! I will fall asleep while reading the program. In fact, the only thing keeping many people awake are the terrible chairs that they make the parents sit on for hours and hours.

1. Shopping in a fabric/craft store – I think fabric/craft stores are great stores as they are filled with items that people use to create really cool items. I encourage others to visit these stores, and I will gladly go with my mom, wife and kids to these shops. Unfortunately, though, after about three minutes, my legs feel tired and achy, I find myself leaning over on the cart, I can’t stop yawning and I am only looking for places to sit down. I really don’t quite understand it, as I do think some of the items in these stores are interesting. My subconscious just knows, I suppose, that I am not artistic and I won’t be doing anything with these materials, so it tries to shut my whole system down in order to conserve energy. I imagine others may feel this way in a comic book store or a sporting goods store (both awesome and exciting places). I just try to play along and do my best to stay awake and have fun. I just hope that I never go into a large fabric/craft store while they are also hosting an elementary school concert/potluck dinner/physics bowl. If that happens, I’ve got no chance.

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