Top 5 things that are common now that will seem weird in a few years

Life changes faster than a yellow light when you are late to work, and many of the things we take for granted today soon will be nearly forgotten.

Some of them, though, will also look pretty bizarre when we think back on them. With that in mind, here are the Top 5 Things That Are Common Now That Will Seem Weird In A Few Years:

First a few honorable mentions:

Fax Machines – Frankly, I don’t understand why we still have them today. They rarely work, and when they do they take forever. I see no advantage of a fax over an email. And is there anything worse than calling a business and getting its fax machine instead? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I hate them.

Skinny jeans for guys – I understand that some people like them and some may look good in them, but c’mon, aren’t they going to look foolish in about 7 years? Why do I want to wear clothes that are uncomfortable and just make me look and feel overweight?

Skip Bayless – Why is he on sports television so often? Who likes him? I would rather listen to that fax machine noise. I fear future generations will look back at us with disdain for putting him on television so much. I could say the same thing about the Kardashians, who completely dominate all forms of media for reasons that no one can explain. They must be geniuses, because they are everywhere. Someday this time period will likely be known as the Kardashian Age.

Keys – I can see me now telling my grandkids how I had a keychain with like 20 keys on it that I had to carry it around all of the time, even though I only ever used two of the keys. “What’s a key, Grandpa? Why didn’t you just use a code or your eye scan? Weren’t they difficult to carry in the pockets of your skinny jeans?” Yes, yes that’s correct.

Certain politicians – This applies to several politicians. I bet in 20 years or so people will say something like, “Can you believe that Donald Trump was president until the 2020 election when he ran against Bill Nye The Science Guy? I guess we’re lucky that former NFL star Rob Gronkowski defeated them both and led us to this time of unprecedented economic prosperity and partying.”

5. Utility Lines Everywhere – I love sitting outside in the evening in my yard, but my view is often blocked by the web of electric, phone, internet and cable lines. At some point, these lines are going to be buried or we likely won’t need some of them. Then we are going to think back on how odd it was to have these lines, some of them quite dangerous, all over the landscape. It will also be odd to think about them being next to my yard, which will then be some sort of historic landmark. And that leads me to my next item.

4. My lack of fame – Won’t it be odd to remember when Nick Claussen hadn’t won his numerous awards for writing, genius and humbleness? I can hardly believe that time ever existed! Didn’t he invent the flying hot tub?

3. People staring at their phones all of the time – I don’t know what will replace phones, but at some point something will. Holograms maybe? Then, we will all look back at this time and think about how strange it was that people everywhere were constantly on their phones reading, watching videos, texting or doing whatever else people do on their phones (rarely actually talking).

2. Winter –Our last few winters have been pretty easy where I live, and if climate change takes winter away, most people will look back wistfully at the cold and ice, while forgetting how much they hated shoveling snow or freezing while trying to start their cars. Of course if climate change doesn’t change winter and everything is fine, then I imagine at some point the government will have figure out a way to alter the weather anyway, so we don’t get winter except in places that use it for tourism. Then, more than likely, it will be super expensive to be around snow or to get frostbite. Isn’t progress great?

1. Microwave ovens – Doesn’t it seem like in 10 years or so they will all be replaced by something? We will probably find out they are very dangerous and no one will be able to believe we used them for so long. “No, we never really knew how worked. We just knew not to put our keys or any metal in them for some reason. Half of the time they got your plate scalding hot and kept your food cold, but they sure were convenient. How were we supposed to know they were killing all of the bees, forcing climate change and warping our minds so that people were voting for Trump and that Science Guy? I guess that explains why Skip Bayless was so popular. It’s a good thing Surgeon General Kardashian helped us realize how dangerous they are.”

Do you have any other ideas for common things that will seem weird in a few years or do you know how a microwave oven works? Feel free to comment on those issues or anything else below, and thanks for reading.

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