Top 5 Overrated Foods

Our society places great value on food, but some foods are terribly overrated due to a variety of reasons. And while taste is a subjective subject, it does subject itself to some judging now and again.

In order to try to bring clarity to our menus, our judges have compiled the Top Five Overrated Foods:

First a few Honorable Mentions:

Ice cream cake – It’s always a big deal if someone gets an ice cream cake for a party, and I agree that ice cream cakes can be delicious. At the same time, though, isn’t the ice cream really the best part? Doesn’t the cake just kind of get in the way? I think we can all agree that the cake is ok, but I think of it as the Robin of the ice cream cake dynamic duo. I think you’re better off just having ice cream.

White bread – I love bread, but I don’t understand how stores sell so much white bread. It’s too soft, the texture seems gummy, and it doesn’t taste Wonderful. Why would anyone buy white bread when wheat and other types are available?

Guacamole – Why is it so expensive? I understand that many people love it, but guacamole costs too much guaca-money.

5. Wedding Cake – People make a big deal out of wedding cakes and spend a lot of money on them, but they are always too sweet and often too dry. Our judges like other types of cakes, but think that wedding cakes would be better left at the altar.

4. Grape jelly – I love jelly and actually like grape jelly, but strawberry jelly is at least as good if not better than grape. For some reason, though strawberry jelly and other popular flavors don’t receive the love that grape jelly gets. Our judges believe that grape jelly became popular long ago, but has been coasting on pure hype in recent years and is overrated. Also, did you ever notice how grape jelly tastes almost nothing like the grapes you buy in the store? Why is there no red grape jelly or white grape jelly? Who eats purple grapes anyway? Grape jelly just has too many questions, and it’s time we received some answers.

3. Coleslaw – Why do so many restaurants want to serve us complimentary coleslaw? Does anyone eat it for any other reason than to be polite? And why do so many people bring coleslaw to potluck dinners? Have you ever gone to a restaurant and just ordered coleslaw? Some coleslaw is very good (my wife says I am lying on this one), but if you look around at most restaurants or potlucks, you’ll see plenty of plates with uneaten coleslaw.

2. Bacon – This is a somewhat controversial choice as bacon is extremely popular, as my family members will attest. At the same time, though, popular culture caught up with the goodness of bacon in the last few years and now restaurants are adding bacon to countless dishes, you can buy bacon-flavored everything in the store and there are constant jokes about how great bacon is. It’s just too much. I’ll be honest, I like bacon, but I only want a few pieces and it mainly just makes me thirsty. It’s a step up from ham, but it’s not all that it’s made out to be.

1. Ketchup – You can’t escape it in America, even if we aren’t sure how to spell it. Catsup? Ketchup? It’s on every table in cheap restaurants, everyone has it at home, the President apparently puts it on his steak (yuck), and people put way too much of the red condiment on their French fries and other foods. If it’s so delicious, why does no one want to eat it by itself? Have you ever seen anyone drink it? No, that sounds terrible. Sure it might dress up French fries and hamburgers, but other condiments like barbecue sauce, steak sauce, ranch dressing and even horseradish are far superior. Ketchup, it’s time for you to step up!


What do you think about the list? Do you have any other food items you think should be in the Top 5? Feel free to comment below. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Overrated Foods

  1. Bacon and wedding cake are absolutely overrated, and so is ice cream cake. I’ve never understood the appeal of these, and I found myself nodding in agreement as I read this post. I love white bread, but I can see how it could be annoying. I think brunch altogether is snobby and ridiculous, too, another reason bacon is more overhyped than having a cat as a pet. What do cats—standoffish, smelly and unwilling to walk on a leash—bring to the table? Probably coleslaw.


  2. What is wrong with you people? Bacon is overrated? Oh my God….. that is the most blatantly wrong statement I have ever heard. And “why would people buy white bread when wheat and other types are available?”…. umm maybe because they’re men..? Good lord…. I disagree with everything written in this.

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